~Stavier~ Ay Dios Mios!

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So I decided to switch up genres and do a lil reggaeton. It's in my blood, ya kno??:) I had fun with this one. Makin' the smooth beat, patterns, everythin'. I mite also make a nice lounge kinda latin song soon. I decided to added super bass to this song so now if you use headphones, which I recommend, it sounds awesome!!! Pleez rate, review, download, & enjoy!!!


yeah man

Nice beat
One of best latin genre I heard on newgrounds so far
Really got interesting at :20
More please!!!!

This is....

I like that you are trying something different. And you say I use weird instruments. I don't even know what these are! They sound good the way you composed them. The mid bass thats like the main rhythm is my favorite part of this song. I don't know what instrument that is, what is it?

The beginning could use a bit more bass to it though. That's the only complaint of the song.

I like that you've experiemented.

Keep it up!


Stavier responds:

Thanx man!!! Imma experiment with my upcoming songs. In fact, I'm workin' on an orchestral hip hop beat, and it's not just orchestral as in strings and beat, but everything orchestral and hip hop beat. I actually used brass, string, synths, piano, drums of course, and the thing that sounds like a harp/pluck. The bass is actually an FL Studio plugin preset called BooBass. I added full bass, but no treble and mid so it wouldn't sound like a bass guitar. I agree, the beginning and end do cuz when there's bass, it like makes the song quieter but in a good way and then randomly boosts the volume. Thanx for the review!!!


idk if its all midi or loops, but that doesnt affect the score. does get a bit repetitive and since its not hip-hop it'll get a small score decrease. hell i cant make thsi kind of music, moslty cause i dont even listen to it lol. the synth doesnt fit at all though, take it out and you got a nice up beat song. the bongos sound way too artificial too, get some nice authentic bongos. but still this is a a good song and if i tried to make something like this.... well i would lose all respect from everyone in the world lololololol

Stavier responds:

Yeah, pretty much except for like 1 sample, which was the synth at the hook parts. Yeah, I made it repetitive since someone coold rap to this, but it'd probably have to be in spanish. Yeah, synths are kinda weird, I'll agree on that. Yeah, I tried messin around with the velocity's of the bongos, but it's hard makin' them realistic. Thanx for the review!!!


for the PM. I might ad your latin songs instant favourite. This is top notch!

I always have my headphones on, recommend it everyone to. It's much better.
Serious man i like these vibes you create, they are different. Like a 'never heard before' kinda beat.

Keep me in touch when you bring out more ;)

Stavier responds:

Thanx man. Yes, some people argue theres not enough bass, but it all depends on stereo and headphones. I'm glad you liked the vibe, I tried somethin' dance-ish in the latin genre, which is reggaeton. Surprisingly, I wouldn't be surprised if the beat was used cuz it's common in reggaeton or dancehall, etc., but I added more stuff to it for variation. Thanx for the review!!!

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Oct 15, 2011
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