Four Seasons of Adventure

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All Keyboard. Capture the essense that is "Adventure"


Bravo to my idol

Yet again, you give us a masterpiece. And what's more, you've set out and accomplished exactly what you said you would, "to capture the essence of adventure", perfectly and without losing even a bit of what makes you authentic. I can't think of any errors in this song, not even wrong notes played or anything. Thank you, MMD.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Your welcome mate... you write so many reviews I don't know what to reply to all of them. So... well your welcome :).

A divine story, told by a divine tune.

Dan's in the house! EVERYBOOOOODY OUT!

Unless you're here to listen to his tunes, then stay ;).

I absolutely adored the voices and the story you present in this song Dan. The emotion filled strings (which arn't too bad btw ^^) truly made the piece a titan in it's wake.

The melody you begin with is my "summer". The heat of combat, the lives are lost too quickly, too soon brave souls are vanquished by a rusty blade, skewed and destroyed completely.

The "fall" transition is quick, all within 4 seconds. The bleek silence. The energy seeps out, flows through a deep river, and out of sight into an ocean beyond the reach of any man. With this flowing energy, ebbs the courage of veterans, and wounded boys. Their hearts, filled with cowardice, they return home...

And then you move into a sadder melody, a "winter", where life shivers, withers, and humbles itself to death. Wounds are licked, graves are prayed at, the snow lands gingerly on their shoulders and heads, blanketing, and protecting them, if only for a minute.

Then you bring back those strings, while the sad melody is still playing. This is my "spring". The young warriors hold their blades with joy. Today they are real men, ready to slaughter their enemies. The older men, veterans of war, shake their head sadly, and play games, guessing which one will return, which one of the young men have the strength to make it home. Sadly, this year, there are not many... maybe the next year ^^.

The piano melody falls silent, and quiet again. They are off to do what they must.

Then the circle repeats, and life begins anew ^^.

This is the story I got Dan, thank you for sharing this song with myself and NG. Keep them coming.


MilkMan-Dan responds:

Stop writing music and start writing stories my dear friend... your quite good at it. Your a genius in all that you do and I always value your opinion. Thankyou good sir.


very nice song!

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Thanx... it's good to be original :)

Love it

Wow, the piano starts off with a nice, simple rhythm, and then the song turns really loud really quick. And then gets quiet again.

I really like the melody. Yeah, like I've said before, it must *SUCK* to have to play this, but it's worth it, right?

I like that guitar (?) and also when the deep notes of the piano start. I also like the percussion. I felt there should have been more percussion earlier on in the song, but I don't know, it's your song. It's great, MilkMan_Dan. Could you listen to my songs on my profile? Apparently they are going through "scanning" or something since I haven't submitted anything before. But click on my name and I suppose you'll be able to listen. Thanks. Keep writing great songs.

Rocky :)

MilkMan-Dan responds:

First of all... Call me Dan :).

It's always worth all the effort it takes to make the music... always. I checked out some of your work. Your quite good sir. I hope to hear more from you... as you will hear more from me :).


Another great one. Can't think of anything else, really. SO I'll just download it. Listen to it some more.:D

MilkMan-Dan responds:

... Glad you liked it... I think I'll listen to it too... I kinda like it :)

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Mar 8, 2006
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