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Moonlit Shore

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Halloween 2011
(I'm not sure if that needs a space or not, so I put both.)

This song isn't labeled as classical because it has more than just piano, and even though it has IDM elements I'm not sure if it should be labeled as Drum 'n' Bass, so let me know if a category change would be appropriate or if "miscellaneous" sums it up well enough.

This was my first time doing drums like this, so I hope it sounds alright.

Hope you enjoy!

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The guy below me

Was pretty accurate, the song instrumentation could have used some work, but I really liked the drums so >P. I thought it was a cool song, with interesting elements, but the instrumentation could use some work, other then that it was fantastic :D.

NAC Judge

Moonlit Shore
Grant Jones (OpenLight)
Eeeek, that piano was all FORTE! There should be some expression to piano, not all played at full hammer. It sounded like someone was hitting the notes with a sledge. The melody was very creepy and would have sounded better with a varying intensity and expression. Your choice of lead for the melody was strange too. It sounded like something from the original Zelda, very low quality and with a distracting vibrato that made me cringe. The break beat drums sounded entirely out of place too without having a bass line or understandable rhythm going on. This was a strange and creepy piece but the instrumentation and dynamics just threw me way off. 6.0

OpenLight responds:

Late response, I apologize. But the forte piano was intentional haha. Calm piano would be less "insane" sounding, which was the feeling I was going for. The high vibrato instrument was intentional as well. I understand how it may not have been your cup of tea, but it was all intended. Thanks for the review though! I guess my music just isn't for everyone on Newgrounds.

NAC Creepy Chronnies Judge

The song wasn't quite "creepy", but as you say, it was eerie. It had some great elements and was a good listen. I enjoyed your entry in the NAC.

I enjoyed whatever sample you used as your main instrument. It had an electronic feel while maintaining that level of "eerieness" you were going for. The mixing was fantastic on this submission, although myself I might not have put as much reverb on that piano. Your piano orchestration was pretty spot on, a good background tune and ambiance for the rest of the song.

I didn't quite like the songs reliance on beats and drums however. I felt if you took those away, there wasn't a lot more to this song. Sometimes like at 2:43, I felt the drums ended way too abruptly, as if you couldn't figure out what to do between the parts with the drums and the quieter parts. Even though you only utilized a few different instruments, I felt your mixing and background sound (strings with modification?) was adequate to fill in the bare space to make the track very full sounding.

Great piece, interesting sound, sort of a mixture of orchestral and electronic elements. A good eerie tone, and enough to keep the listener interested. I hope you do well in the NAC!

OpenLight responds:

Well thanks! To be honest, I didn't "rely" on the drums and beats, but this was the first song I tried them in, so this was basically me trying out a new style in a sense. That means that I did focus heavily on the sliced drums and I put emphasis on the beat rather than the melody. I did try to keep the piece moving though, but I see what you mean.

As for the parts where the drums seem to just kinda cut out, I did that intentionally, but I understand that it isn't normal haha. I increased the intensity of the drums in certain parts then immediately cut them off to both show a transition and create an unexpected change.

Thanks for the review!


Told ya people would like it!

OpenLight responds:

Haha thanks! I'm glad I uploaded this then.


amazing work I like the drums and effects
the piano is nice also but it don't sound scary like halloween

OpenLight responds:

I didn't mean for it to be "scary." I went for a more eerie feeling with this.

Haha anyway glad you enjoyed this!

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4.43 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2011
11:22 PM EDT
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