Chill Days & Loud Music

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Wrote this in the morning, recorded in the afternoon, uploading at night. Just a quick little interlude .

This song basically explains how i relieve some stress. Lately i've been trying to juggle school, family, girls, and music. I get a little stressed out here and there, so I turn up some music, and just relax for a day -- "Chill Days & Loud Music" . I REEEAAALLLY wish this beat was longer, cause i want to go more into detail about some stuff i deal with. But eh its still dope lol.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One of the main reasons im putting this song out is to show how my flows have grown. Noticed that? I also sing a little, well, tried to sing ^_^.(NO AUTOTUNE. Just raw vocals[: )
IMPORTANT NOTE #2: I changed my performance name to "Augustine" . Yea .

Heres the Lyrics:

Just another..chill day at the house
Jammin' some R&B with the volume up loud
Im tryna zone out, all my BS from my day to day
Kick my feet up and just take a break
Take the pain away

Like from my girl who barely shows me attention
Feels like im comin in second, but F*CK it man its whateva
Fellas is talkin...startin up some mess
But I keep a smile on me and I bottle up the stress maaaaaan.....

Talking: I swear i been through it...just need a chill day to myself with some music....
i swear i been through it.....been through it, uh.
"Ion know, its like....for me....when the musics turned up....the stress is turned down...
Chill Days & Loud Music"

"Ohhh, ima sit right here and put on a song
And relax and chill, till the stress is goneeeeee .
Ohhh, even if its only for one dayyyy, for one dayyy .

Its Augustine...Chill Days & Loud Music ."
Beat by: AjayDaCypher <---- This dude is DOPPEEEEE ! Been bumpin' his stuff for like a month now.
He also inspired the name of this track. The name of the beat is "Chill Days & School Fires" .

Thanks for listening. We can only go forward from here.

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Good. T'Freezy, seemed like a definitely much better rap name than Augustine.. to me at least. But hey its all you. The singing was pretty good as well, work on that and your nearly perfect.

TFreezyTFZ responds:

Thanks bro . As for my name, I made a post on my page to pretty much explain why I changed it.

And lol yea im REALLY tryna get better with the singing. I think i kinda have a voice when i dont try, put when I hit up the mic I fuck up -_- lol . Plus i did the singing part around 11:00 pm when my whole family was home so eh.
But thanks again man, time to get back to work !


lol dis da kinda song u fire some of dat mutha fuckin shit up 2

TFreezyTFZ responds:

Lol I appreciate that bro !

Nice Dude

Good Job On My Beat Pretty Deso Missed A Couple Notes When it Came To The Singing But Good Ish All Together

If U Got A Facebook Check Me Out
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Austen -Nobles-Productions-Noble-Beats/19113 6044237979

Follow Me On Twitter

Thanks Man.

TFreezyTFZ responds:

Yea i know . Im not at all a singer, but hey, i try.

'Preciate the feedback bro. The beat is dope .

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Oct 1, 2011
11:54 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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