So You Think You Can Rap?

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I know I can rap, take notice of that/
These bastards are bogus, ain't holding me back/
I'm ready, I'm focused, my flow intact
Your flow is like broken sinks, hoses with caps/
Breathing is weaker and slow on the track/
You're breathing like Peter's frog, holes in your back/
Stay in the box like Shrodinger's cat/
My style is wild, all over the map/
Damn, I'm losing my sanity/
Bruising your ego then booting your cavities/
People succeeding are stupid; it's maddening/
Proving it wrong = truth that I'm battling/
Who wants to battle me? You and your cavalry?/
You will get ruined in two seconds flat with me/
Suplex a student for spewing their apathy/
None of you care? All of you baffle me/
Don't you see that the world is going up in flames?/
I am here to wipe out all of you shit stains/
You're bitch made so engage in falling on switch blades/
And inhaling toxic fumes, increase your intake/
I'll gather actors for a fundraiser/
Bidding on me stabbing wack rappers with a blunt razor/
And one day, they will know that there is none greater/
Stepping to the poet gets you roasted like a sunbather/
I never pick my battles, I just fight 'em all/
Horrid strategy but I wanna show you right from wrong/
When a fighter pilot bombs a 25-mile long/
Strip in Gaza so you know my reasoning for writing songs/
(I speak truth)
I speak truth needed on tracks/
Beat an elitist with reason and facts/
Til backs have been shattered and knees will collapse/
Unfeasible raps, the preacher will ask/
"Is he a demon unseen in a mask?"/
Now people are screaming and leaving the mass/
"The creature's a heathen! He's evil! He's...AHH!/
Um...No, I'm a citizen/
Seeing the state of the world that we're living in/
Being irate is a sign that you're vigilant/
I am enraged 'cause I've been listening/
And your indifference is giving the little kids/
Images killing their sense of some diligence/
Really? You're willing to tell them the imminence/
Of our destruction is nothing to fiddle with?/
Do you fear change? Why are you frightened?/
And why do you think that the world is alright when/
The titans of Wall Street have gotten us all beat/
And offer us nothing but breadcrumbs and heartbeats?/
Take a look at your surroundings/
Now look into the mirror at your power; it's astounding/
What you can accomplish, now imagine us in unity/
The message getting through to you? I know it's gotten through to me/
Truthfully it's probably hard for you to get what I'm spitting/
It's not something heard on radio or television/
We should tell the children "Strive to be intelligent!/
Being stupid isn't cool, it's pointless and a detriment"/
I'm not saying just to rhyme what's in your textbooks/
I'm just saying it's not all about the best hook/
Better look at me, I got bars and got substance/
Wanna know the scariest part? I'm not done yet/

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pretty sick flow

pretty new flow n voice, but sounds like a mix of eminem voice n nicki minaj flow

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Sep 30, 2011
1:58 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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