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This Guy

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Author Comments

Made this song yesterday, its about people who you are willing to trust very fast but, after a while you realize you made a big mistake.

Lyrics :

He lives in a big black cave
Come and i will show you the way

Let me begin with
He is a liar
He is a crier
Starting fire

So i have warned you now
You should never trust him
So i have warned you now
So please dont believe in anything he say's

Its something i would never learn
But i have to

Are you ready to go
Follow me to
The river hiding
Cause you never
Know what he's trying

You could never know
Its something i would never learn
To control

We have arrived
It was a long ride

He is planning
The lies and the fire
Hoping it will
Get him happiness
And respect

Thanks for listening, and i hope you enjoy the track !

Greetzz SoundStream


Really, really, really liked the slow tempo

I don't often vote 5... But I did!

xSoundstreamx responds:

thanks for voting man !!

Nice work, keep on going ! :D

I am surprised by this rhythms. Somehow you decided to pick a dissonant melody and I still enjoy listening to it.
Anyway, about the lyrics, in my opinion I see that you tried to create rhymes most of the time. I like it and most people enjoy it, specially because it makes the music a lot easier to remember. However, you don't always achieve this in all verses, specially in this one:

So i have warned you now
You should never trust him
So i have warned you now
So please dont believe in anything he say's

Here you rely on the repetition of the main theme (So I have warned you) but the last sentence is totally out of context IMHO. I assume (maybe I am wrong?) that you tried to find a match for "him" but failed. A suggestion would be using a word like "whim" in the context: "You should not trust his whim" or "do his whim" (anyway, you're a pro musician, so I guess you didn't came up with something better because you didn't want to xD ).

As for the music, this is really one of the slowest pieces you have IMO. It's still definitely Heavy Metal due to the heavy guitars and overall feelings, but I am quite surprised, I never thought you would make something like this. I do have to say that I was expecting the sentence: "Its something i would never learn" to be sang with more rage, like in the ending section of your "Phase 2" piece. Overall I think the angry voice is quite tired in this music (maybe it is intentional?).

The start was nice, and the quick at 0:10 really helps me wake up. The guitar's melody does an exceptional job at the 0:33 that ends at the 0:50 to give space to a new rhythm, that becomes overall very repetitive until the 1:18 mark that adds a nice dissonant melody (for some reason it makes me think of an Arabic scale lol) that further contributes to the quite depressing mood of the song.
You then go back to the first guitar melody (back from 0:33) and go on with the same melodic themes played before. I guess that I can't ask you to come up with new melodies and themes all the time, but truth is that it would definitely be better to do so. Anyway, you just repeat them twice, so I don't think you are over exploring the melodies into a death pattern of repetition nor anything similar.
From 2:15 to 2:40 the guitar gives a nice addition, a new energy and a breeze of fresh air with it's energetic playing. I really liked it. After that you then make a cut in the energy brought by the guitar and return to the main melody, using it as an end. It actually does the trick quite well. The ending is not abrupt and it sounds quite well, fitting in the rest of the mood, specially because it uses one of the main melodies to do so (and the singer also uses the same trick, well planned!).

I can see you guys had a considerable amount of work in this. I am a fan of guitar solos (God, I wish you had one! xD) but singers sometimes also fit in the mood, and I guess you managed to do it this time (but I still prefer metal instrumentals over anything else! Power to the Guitar Gods !(GG)).
Anyway, my space is running out, so I better hurry with my review.

5/5 - I would rate this a solid 4, or 4.5 because in my opinion artist such as Artificicalfear, Sam D Hyde and ZeroDivide produce work with more quality, thus they should be the ones getting 5/5. However, given the current score of this piece I decided to give you a visibility bonus. Hopefully you will hit the top 20, giving your band more reviews, ratings and therefore more visibility. Don't be too happy though, tomorrow I may vote 4/5 xD
9/10 - A Good piece overall, but I feel the lack of fresh air in the majority of the music and I feel the lyrics could be better. The angry singer was also tired, but I am actually counting that as a bonus - it really helps with the sad and tired mood of the song.

With only a few dozen of characters left, I rest my case. I hope this review helps you improve you work. As you may have already seen, I am not a man of few words, but I always try to speak in a way that it can actually help.

Good work, I'm out Flame_Phoenix.

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xSoundstreamx responds:

wow never had such an informative review, thank you very much. Just to be clear,i made everything, the vocal, the drums, the guitars, the bass, just so you know ;)
You really analyzed the song good man, and i agree with ... well everything you say in the review.

I have to say this is not my best work, i believe like the review below the song isn't that original, ofcourse there are some parts of the song that i am really proud of but overall the song to me is good, but i know i can do better, this song was more some sort of try out for my new sound, new drum sound new guitar sound etc. and yeah i agree the agressive vocals could be a little more agressive, still working on that.

Well thank you very much, also aprecciate your critisism about the lyrics, it is helpfull.

Thanks Flame !

Greetz Soundstream


well it isn't too original but isn't so bad so you deserve a 7.

xSoundstreamx responds:

Short but powerfull, thanks for the review !

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Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2011
7:07 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
File Info
8.7 MB
3 min 48 sec

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