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Bowsrs Rage/King of the Koopas

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2 heavily requested songs since I did a Paper Mario tune a while back (Attack of the Koopa Bros). I was torn between which to do: King of the Koopas or Bowsers Rage. I had the guitar and bass tracks down for King of the Koopas a while ago, then I decided... screw it, I'll just do EVERYTHING from the final battle.

Also included in the middle is 'Wish of the Princess' (which also plays in the middle scene of the final battle).

This was one of the hardest songs (mostly Rage) to dissect by ear. It's hard to hear what some instruments are doing in a lot of the songs from the Paper Mario soundtrack.


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"A Masterpiece Remix for 3 Masterpiece Themes of Gaming". As true as that statement is, I still feel as though it doesn't quite do this remix of yours the justice it deserves. But I hope it will suffice. Amazing job!

Now, I've listened to a decent amount of remixes to these themes, and NONE of them really caught my interest. Sure a couple of them were good but still... Always just much preferred the original from the Game itself; as I didn't think any remix could compete on the same level. Yours however, blew me away with how awesome it is! People should DEFINITELY use this remix for Flash Movies and/or Games (Preferably an RPG Game-wise imo) in the future! In fact, I think this remix would go well with a few Anime series'. You really outdid yourself with this, man. >;D

The themes that play ("Bowser's Rage, Wish of the Princess & King of the Koopas") during the Final Battle in "Paper Mario" for the Nintendo 64 are EASILY some of my favorite instrumental/musical pieces in ANY Video Game I've ever played! ...And being a veteran/hardcore Gamer, I've played a LOT of Games, believe me! :P "Bowser's Rage&King of the Koopas" TRULY get you pumped up and into the Battle that takes place, while "Wish of the Princess" gives you the feeling of Hope during Battle when things are looking bleak. These pieces truly inspire and captivate emotion into the Player and, more-so than any other point during the Game imo, make them feel as though they are actually Mario himself experiencing everything during that desperate struggle. (Also makes the Player feel like their Party Members are truly right by their side during this critical time experiencing everything along with them.) And for you to be able to capture that same emotional feeling in a remix is by no means an easy task. You truly should feel Proud of this accomplishment you have achieved. As I, and I'm sure so many others, give you well-earned/deserved Respect for it. You truly are amazingly talented, my friend. ;D

I hope to hear more theme remixes from the "Paper Mario" series from you in the future! Whether the themes remixed be from "Paper Mario 64, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Super Paper Mario or Paper Mario: Sticker Star", I honestly would love to hear them. ...Along with any and all Video Game theme remixes you decide to make/record! Keep up the amazing work and Happy New Years to you! ^_^

P.S. I actually never knew what the official titles of the pieces that played during the Final Battle in "Paper Mario" were called. I knew of "King of the Koopas", but I thought that was just Bowser's regular theme that played whenever he appeared. Didn't know it was included in the Final Battle Theme as well. But yeah, I always just knew the final theme as "Paper Mario 64: Final Battle Theme". So thanks to you I now know the OFFICIAL titles to these amazing pieces of instrumental Video Game music. Thank you! :D





Exceeded Expectations

This is the perfect way to do a remix for these 3 songs. Once I heard "Wish of the Princess" in there, my childhood came back to memories of my first time beating an RPG. This song needed a metal remix, and thank God you did it!

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Sep 21, 2011
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