Having Not A Frown March

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A Marching Version of Having Not A Frown. Then a small drum line performance afterwards.




No frownies for NOBODY on your watch eh Rythim!?

I loved the feel the song gave me, though those minor chords really gave the song some darkness to it, which really doesn't help get rid of my frowns.

The song is however quite diverse, and has a huge variety of sounds, many of which are quite good quality!

I really liked your equalizing, it was very well done, kudo's.

I tihnk there was this faint, FAINT, flute melody in the background at some parts, for sure, either get rid of that, or make it louder to hear more clearly.

Did you learn Soundfonts or VST's so quickly?

One of your better pieces Rythim.

5/5 easily from me, it sure as hell got rid of my frown. Keep them coming ^^.

Rythim-Man responds:

Having Not A Frown, it's like a theme of mine that is very old. I don't know where I got it, but long ago, something possessed me to play a melody, then play that same melody on a minor scale right after it. Two totally different feelings right after eachother. Some how, it worked and I got one of my most original themes ever. Having Not A Frown, I have 2 versions for the piano, one for flute and picolo, and this Marching Version is the newest. The marching one tends to be alittle "dark". But I did that on purpose. I wanted the feeling of someone trying to remember what it was like to smile, but not quite getting there.

Why did I name it "Having Not A Frown"? I have no idea, but if you sing to the melody, it actually falls in the right number of syllables.

The Marching Version is actually about 2 months old, I just been keeping it in archives cuz I wasn't sure I wanted to expose it to the public (Ya I keep some of my stuff to myself =p)The theme itself, I came up with around the time I first started composing.

The New technology is in my NG BBS' and it's really just audacity, using it's effects on the music. The real difference is me using different instruments I never use to touch. I want to have as many instruments and genres on this page as possible so I can fit any one's style...My songs tend to be up-beat though.

The complete version is not written, but in my head, and only "I" can play it on piano. And I suck on everything except an upright acoustic piano, so it's going to be tough luck getting a clear recording of that on here.

I also found out this Finale thing comes with it's own sound fonts or something so I had these the whole time and were too afraid to use them. I suppose the reverb and equalizing was all automatic because I don't even know what those mean lol.

The Faint flutes, they really aren't melody, they're just fillers... like in a painting, for effect you want to color something contradicting the main color off to the right so you distract attetion from the center, making it more interesting. I though adding a faint flute would make it seem like there were alot more going on that you need to listen for. They're real low cuz they sorta have nothing to add to the song but filling. (Not feeling, filling).

*Deep Breath* Lastly, the thing that makes this song different is that I used like 5 different types of percussions, I have empty tracks that I never got to using because I felt the song was complete enough without them. There is xylaphone, some bass, a snare that is just tearin' up the drum, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember. OH yea, symbols, kongos, or bongos, whichever I never could tell the difference, some kinda thing you hit with a stick and make a sound...

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Mar 5, 2006
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