[OS] Madeleine's Theme

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I've been playing around with this theme for a while, trying to make it into something more...

I just up and decided to record this tonight for the sake of trying it this way. I've never played it this slowly, but it came out pretty nice.

This was recorded in one take, with no edits to the MIDI.


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A very quiet song, but it's very touching. I like that it is so set back. It almost feels like the melodies are afraid to hurt the listener, so they are very quiet and slow.

This could easily be used in various flashes or games. Like in a sad sequence, where a character dies or in a very thoughtful flash that wants to get the viewer to think about certain things.

I also like how this song doesn't sound too sad. Yes, it is touching, but somehow I don't feel sadness when listening to it. So I think you found just the right amount of "touching atmosphere" in this song.

{ Review Request Club }

ObsidianSnow responds:

You seem to have experienced the piece in the way I was hoping people would, which is always refreshing. I appreciate your review, Haggard. Thanks, RRC.

Sounds quite touching.

I like the feel this has and it really does the job of beig relatively tear jerking, but I personally want more melody-wise. I like the melody, it just needs more... I don't know, substance.

I still like it though and I'm very glad that you put it in the Review Request club for us to give it a listen, it was worth my precious time. Thanks for the song and I personally hope you come back to this and perfect it.

<Review Request Club>

ObsidianSnow responds:

Coop said something similar, and it's funny that both of you mentioned that, since there is more melody written, but it's intended for a quicker tempo and doesn't sound right at this pace. I think I'll seriously consider coming back to this and turning it into something a little fuller.

Your review is very much appreciated, shrimpchris. Thanks RRC.

Tear jerked

Ah this is a very nice song and kind of has a sad tone to it as if something very tragic had happened to the character the song tells of. That or they are simply staring out a window at night wondering where it all went wrong for them and why they no longer have any friends. No matter what they try, they can't seem to make it with anyone. They just want it all to stop. They open the window of the ten story building and look down feeling daring.

They soon close the window realizing that is only the selfish way out and close it walking instead to their bedroom and sleeping as the sun rises and they prefer the afternoon and night time as life is so much calmer then. They look out at the moon and stars once more hoping that the next day will be the day that changes it all and that they can become happy.

Very beautiful piano composition. Kind of makes you feel sad if you played it at the right time during a movie or short I think. Wonderful piece of music. I enjoyed it.

Overall, beautiful.

Review Request Club

ObsidianSnow responds:

I always enjoy when people write out their visual interpretations of my music. Thanks for the review, SCTE3, it's much appreciated. Thanks, RRC.


This tune is really great! I really loved the subtle dynamics, and the melodies were really moving. the chord progressions here were really unique; Melancholy at points, and more upbeat during others.

I could seriously imagine hearing this being played during a really sad scene in a blockbuster movie; Maybe a song to be played in a hospital scene after a main character loses a family member/ friend... This song really grabbed a hold of me my friend, and I think it's honestly a piece to be majorly proud of!

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You sir are talented beyond recognition :]
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful piece of art.

-Review Request Club-

ObsidianSnow responds:

I'm very pleased to hear that you enjoyed it so much, XsakuX.

I'm also very grateful for the review, so thank you for that. Thanks, RRC.


A very poignant and quiet piece, that certainly highlights the more evocative and tearful emotions, within. The pace is good for this sort of tune and the fact that you've given us a melody that never really gets going is the one issue that I'd aim to tackle for improvement.

If it is to be some sort of eulogistic piece, I'd suggest that you focus on the lighter parts of the life of the person involved, since otherwise, it seems to become to emotionally heavy and it distracts from the fantastic piece of music that you've already given us.

Perhaps consider extending it towards 3 minutes, as I'm sure that there was something else to be said in the piece.

[Review Request Club]

ObsidianSnow responds:

Thanks for the input, Coop - the relationship between the pacing and the melody in this recording could, perhaps, be improved a little by adding some more. Lucky, because there is more - I just didn't use it here, although I may go back and extend this into something a little more substantial that includes the parts that were left out here.

Your review is much appreciated. Thanks, RRC.

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