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I made this forever ago. I was gonna sell it but I think it's not good enough to sell now, so here ya go.

Bada-bing, bada-boom.


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Well this one sounds quite neat anyways. The start sounds like a calm radio recording of some beat I think which is quite neat indeed. The tune gives a feeling of great joy and happiness as well. Kind of reminds me of Star Fire and Terra from Teen Titans, good times.

The synth was very relaxing and happy sounding as well. The drums remain cooled down and really peaceful on the ears. The bass is good too. Really like the dub sounds though as at times it sounds kind of like a voice to me. Then when the full dub kicks in it sounds a lot like a boss song to me actually which is pretty cool I think.

Overall, awesome piece of work I think, really like it a lot.

Review Request Club

KroweMusic responds:

Teen Titans was a fucking. awsome. show. :D

Glad you like it man....thanks for the review :)

Two songs for the price of one

This sounds a bit like two songs in one. The beginning is very slow and the bass is almost non present. The atmosphere is almost relaxing here.

The transition at 1:27 is a bit of a surprise, but I think it's a nice surprise. Now the second part of the song offers a very heavy bass and some very nice breaks.
We still can hear the melodies used in the first part of the song, but now with heavier bass. The relaxing atmosphere is gone and it was replaced by a very "driving" atmo.

Overall it's a good song.

{ Review Request Club }

KroweMusic responds:

Glad you liked it!

If I could suggest something....when you give a rating below a perfect score, explain why you gave that score. You kind of left me hanging here because you gave it an 8 and I have no idea why :P

But thanks for reviewing!

The creativity.

That's what I've always liked about your tracks - the creativity. Even though Dubstep is so common and pretty much overdone, you still manage to keep your track sounding fresh and new. Having the talent to be so creative in something like this is a big plus, I think. Nice work :3.

One thing I like the most in this track would be the variety and structure. The song never got boring, and even when the bass came in, you had a great amount of changes in the beat, new sounds and new effects to keep it interesting. Considering the track is relatively long compared to other audio submissions, it's nice to hear all this variety.

Another thing I liked was, as you already know, the creativity. The melody sounds unique and caught my interest, and all the effects are just out of this world. The drop was awesome and I love how the bass came in, suddenly went silent and then continued playing.

At 2:20, you fade everything out and then fade it back in again, and you're constantly messing around with filter automation too. The outro was a creative way to end the track as well. That's what I like to see in Dubstep - new ways to keep it interesting.

There's not much I can say about the composition and the sounds. I like all the melodies and I don't have anything to point out about your choice of sounds, except perhaps the bass which is a bit headache-inducing I'm afraid :(. It does sound quite a bit like FL Slayer, actually...

The drums are fantastic and varied well. I agree with fishfood2021 that the snare is a bit too loud and distorted, and it got to the point that I started to get tired of listening to it after a while, although that might just be my lack of interest towards the genre/style.

I think the mix is the worst thing about this track. I think I heard some clipping in the second section of the song with the bass playing, especially when the kick plays in certain parts (2:37 for instance). The loud and distorted snare isn't helping much either. This is an old track though and I doubt its mixing holds a finger to what you can do now, although it's worth pointing out.

Great track overall man. The effects/composition are unique, and the production is generally great. I would work a little more on the mixing and other random nitpicks that I mentioned throughout the review, but for an old track I'm impressed. Keep it up!

-Review Request Club-

KroweMusic responds:

Hey man thanks for the awesome review...love getting reviews from you

Hahahae yeahhhhhh....the main synth does sound like Slayer, which sucks. I made it myself and I didn't really realize the horrible sound until it was pointed out, but I don't really care about it too much. This isn't a serious song.

And the mix sucks. No doubt about it haha.

But I'm glad that you liked it overall. Thanks for the awesome review!

Hey there Cameron.

Where you been at man?!

Great track here man. It builds up great. The use of the pianos and arpeggiated synths add the the track nicely.

The drop is sexy like always. You always knew how to get great sound with those drops man. Not a lot I can say about this track really.

The only problem I can see is the snare sounds a bit loud and distorted. But then again that might have been what you were going for.

Great track man! I miss working with you lol.

4.38 / 5.00 (+ 0.023)

[Review Request Club]

KroweMusic responds:

Hahaha what's up dude? :D

Glad you like the song! I agree with the snare, but I really didn't care about mixing too much. I mainly just upload my crappy stuff to Newgrounds nowadays since I'm signed now :P

Thanks for the review...hit me up if you ever wanna make something :)

Very nice work!

The intro for this track is very relaxing!
I really enjoyed your piano work, and the lead that comes in @ 27 sounds great!
I love the way this track slowly pieces itself together, and the drum break really impressed me! The drum samples used here sound great, and the pattern used is really pro sounding! That drop though... fcking incredible; loved the way you blended everything here. Also loved the gradual slow down effect for the outro, Very nice touch!

One big issue I have with this song is the bass sample at the drop, It almost sounds like it has an fl slayer layered in with it or something; I love the effects you ran the bass through, but the bass itself... it just needs something more (it's just too damn muddy the way it is) :(

Amazing work though dude!

~Dj Sonik (xsakux)

KroweMusic responds:

Welllllll I made the bass myself. Slayer wasn't used. I agree it's a bit muddy, but I'm too lazy to change it.

Glad ya liked it, though :)

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Sep 17, 2011
1:58 PM EDT
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