[FR] Siege

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Going to add vocals to this. What do you guys think of it so far?

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Calm, yet very pleasing

I'm very impressed with this piece. The way that you give us a calm buildup and I feel that it's going to be something else, until it seems that you're being pulled along between star systems, very reminiscent of the time I spent playing EVE Online.

I can see this sort of tune being used for various pieces set in deep space, but also in underwater realms, as in the right environment, they give me the impression of being an "inner space realm" of their own.

It may have been a little short, so consider upping it to 3 minutes or even slightly further than that, you could end up with a brilliant piece that really can take you places from your own desk. Of course, the other solution is to axe the buildup and make it more of a loop. I'm not sure that would do your work justice, in my eyes...

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Sounds pretty nice on the ears anyways and I like it a lot too. The starting bell feel makes you think of kittens and someone just holding them and enjoying the company of them too. Very calming ambient feeling piece as well, not bad at all. Makes you feel really happy as well so I like it quite a bit too.

The synth and bell make a nice combination and give a feel of being able to just smile at everyone who walks past you while you pet your cat. The drums give a feel as if you were watching the cat run inside its dreams and having a great time as well. The bass give a solid groove of happiness.

Overall, very solid and nice.

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A very calm but interesting song. It starts off very slowly, almost too slow for me. But after about 30 seconds the song starts to become a bit faster and better.

I really like the atmosphere that is created. It's very mellow and almost melancholic, which I really like here. Also, sometimes the drums sound a bit like a train that's going along on it's tracks. I think this intensifies the mellow atmosphere and it also creates a slight feeling of wanderlust.

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Very cool!

I love the subtle use of the vinyl scratching. It really added to the track. The drums you used at :30 were just awesome. Loved that sound so much.

The build could be longer in my opinion. The intro really gives you that feel that its going to be long anyway, so you might as well slowly bring everything in.

You could also maybe work on your chord progressions to really keep this track interesting.

Another awesome track man, keep it up.

4.38 / 5.00 (+ 0.057)

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Chill as fuuuuuuUUUU!

This is really great dude, but totally not a misc song!

This track sounds more like an Ambient/ Downtempo masterpiece waiting to happen!

I love the soft instrumentation, leads, bells, and the drums you used here sound amazing! The bass emerges from the silence perfectly, and when everything comes together; pure amazing!

The only thing I can really recommend with this song...
Add some soft, crisp, and ultimately clear sounding leads after the break; Sax/ trumpet/ Violin with some nice clean reverb and delay... dude this song could be so beast!

Anyway, as it stands I still give this a ten because it just has so much damn potential!

Very Impressive!
~Dj Sonik

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Frazmaster responds:

I do plan on extending it with some leads and vocals to break the repetition. Thanks for the review!

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4.50 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2011
8:24 AM EDT
New Wave
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