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It's been so long since i've uploaded anything here.

It's still kind of a work in progress although it'll probably sit on my hard drive untouched for a while. What do you guys think?



Well I get a feel of it showing someone waking up in a field of roses only for them to actually wake up and see everything around them in ruin as they pick themselves up and begin to walk forth. They wonder why the fighting tournament wound up like this as they pull out their sword. They look around and begin dashing forward and a quiet manner scouting the area. He notices a female who had entered slowly dying and has a small conversation with her trying to piece together what is going on.

He puts her on his back and moves forth so he can get her a resting area while he finishes up the tournament in her place. He wants things to return to normal but it appears that finishing the tournament is the only way for that to happen. He rushes forth as a light comes down and a ladder finds him. He rushes back to grab her then climbs the ladder as they figure out that they are being escorted to the area for the final round.

The ambient bell feel and synth give an atmosphere feel of just an empty void place that once looked great being torn apart from within by those who are blinded by greed in the tournament. The drums are calming and give a feel that you can keep on going and never have to give up either.

Overall, calming.

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The beginning of this track sounds a bit strange. That second "bell sound" is a tad bit too early, in my opinion. It just sounds weird to me (note: after listening to the song a second time the bells don't sound weird to me. I really don't know what put me off there the first time...)

Anyway, after a somewhat "weird" start the track gets better towards the end. Once you start introducing other instruments the track creates a very nice atmosphere. Quite relaxing.
Too bad the song is so short, though. I think it gets better the longer it plays, so I was a bit disappointed when it ended so suddendly after I started to like the track.

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Pretty nice track.

A lot of resonance in this track. Not a bad thing, but it makes it sound a bit muddy with that sustaining e-piano at :22. You're snare is bit weak. Maybe go back and try out some other drum samples that you think also sound good in this track.

The track did build quite well, but there really wasn't an epic climax that I was hoping for.

Not a lot to say about this track. Sounds good it kept my interest throughout the entirety of the song. Keep up the good work man

4.28 / 5.00 (+ 0.057)

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Chill track :p

I really like the ambiance you've created here. The samples at the beginning of this sound really great, and the clarity is really nice as well!

One big thing to focus on here is your actual drum samples, and bass presence.
The drum pattern you have written here is okay, and the breakbeat sounding glitches are really cool, but I don't think they quite match up to the clarity of your leads.

The lead instruments in this track are amazing, and quite relaxing as well.
I would really love to hear an edit of this with a more distinctive bassline, and better drums :(. This track seems to have so much potential for drum and bass, but you really have to keep those two thing in mind my friend :).
I'm pretty damn confident you'll get it though, this is close to being a damn good track.

Greatt effort! (I hope you make another one :p)
~Dj Sonik

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DnB without the B.

Not bad! While I can't see a lot of potential in this, it's nice, and a different take on the usual Drum'n'Bass tracks that you hear here on Newgrounds. It's got a few mixing issues and at times it can sound a bit boring, but overall it's quite a relaxing track!

I like how you didn't make this in the usual Drum'n'Bass style with screeching/rough leads/basses, loud, fast-paced drums, etc... You actually made this sound quite relaxing, an adjective which I thought I'd never use to describe a Drum'n'Bass track. The atmosphere doesn't really fit much with the intro (to be honest this sounds more like lounge music with a beat thrown on top of it), although I still liked the calm atmosphere.

Your use of bells, pads, and calm leads towards the end really made for the calm relaxing atmosphere I've been talking about. You don't usually hear sounds like that in Drum'n'Bass submissions, but they complimented each other nicely.

Having said all that, as I said in the first paragraph this doesn't feel like it has much potential. Perhaps it's because it's just a 2-minute preview, but as Coop pointed out it feels underdeveloped. There are no parts where the song reaches a climax, or a turning point, or anything. There's just an intro and then roughly the same mood and atmosphere till the track ends.

I've noticed that this song's filename is called '20MinuteProjectV3.mp3'. I don't know if that means that you made this in 20 minutes or if you plan on making this 20 minutes long, but since the former sounds quite unlikely I'll assume it means the latter :P. So yeah, if you intend on making this 20 minutes long or even longer by just a few minutes, you're going to have to vary the mood more and give the song more development and progression.

Onto the mixing department, I think there's one major problem here. There's very little bass and too much mid frequencies, especially in the drums. I would've appreciated some deep bass pads, or maybe you can keep the song true to its genre and throw in some dirty DnB bass or something. In any case, if I were you I'd tone down the mid frequencies and use more of the bass section of the spectrum.

Overall, this sounds cool, relaxing and unique. I feel that you've got two main things to work on: the mixing and the song's structure/progression. Make this longer, vary the mood, fix some mixing issues, add new sections, and perhaps it may turn out really well. Good luck!

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Sep 16, 2011
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