A Bowl of Spaghetti

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I wanted to know what it might sound like if Ennio Morricone dropped acid and then tried to write a dubstep song... so I pretended to be Ennio Morricone on acid, trying to write dubstep.

And this is the result.

- L.A. Scoring Strings
- Kontakt Factory Library
- NI Massive
- NI FM8
- NI & Abbey Road 60's Drums
- EastWest Symphonic Orchestra
- EastWest Symphonic Choir

A Marshall MXL2300 microphone was used to record the whistling.

Please vote - preferably 4's & 5's :P - and review; it would make me very happy :)

EDIT: Well, damn! Thank you SOO much for the Top 10 ranking, guys and gals!


That is one badass bowl of spaghetti.

Hey, this isn't too bad. I've got a few issues with it, although it's a unique concept, and it's quite fun to listen to as well. Also the song name is absolute brilliance :D.

I like the instrumentation and choice of sounds quite a lot. The strings, bells and brass sound amazing, the Dubstep influences were well done, and you even add whistling at the end. It all works out well and it's reminiscent of Western music. I'd imagine a guitar would fit excellently over here, too.

The composition, albeit a bit generic, was good. I like the chords you were using in the background and the progression of the song was great, or at least great until 1:14 where I think there's too much of an anti-climax. Towards the end the song picks up with the whistling and some more instruments, and it ends quite well too. Nicely done.

I also love the portamento on the violin (or viola, I was never able to tell the difference...). No matter how hard I try I can't seem to get pitch-bending sound natural on strings, but you make it work out very well.

Now, here's my main complete. This song is weak, to put it bluntly. Not only does it sound pretty undeveloped and short, but there's a lack of depth and the drums sound really really tinny. I guess this might well as background music, but for a standalone song this barely leaves an effect on me.

The idea of mixing Ennio Morricone styled orchestral music with Dubstep is a good one, but you could've executed it better. There's only a very soft bass in the intro and a brief part in the middle of the song which has Dubstep elements, and even then they don't make a massive difference. To be honest I preferred the Orchestral influences and the Dubstep influences felt like they were there to spice things up a little, but not actually do anything revolutionary to the song.

To summarise things up, this is fun to listen to and the concept is original. You've also got some really nice sounds and the composition/harmony was spot on. Even though the song sounds pretty tinny and doesn't leave much of an effect, and even though I thought you could've added the Dubstep elements a little better, this is still a great submission. Keep it up!

-Review Request Club-

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Rampant responds:

Hello! Wall of text alert - I'll try and respond to as much of what you wrote as I can :)

1) I actually thought about adding guitar, but there aren't any really good VST's or soundfonts, and it would take way too much effort to make them sound right. I looked into it, though, and found out that the guitars primarily used were Baritone Fenders with Flatwound Strings... a bit too specific for most sound libraries!

2 & 3) This was really my first attempt to incorporate dubstep elements into a track, dubstep or otherwise; the anti-climatic segment at 1:14 is my failed attempt to build-up before the drop - if I rewrote this piece, I would probably add a rising progression, then a longer pause as a solo violin sustains a high D, before bringing in the drop.

4) The ending, with a solo violin over sustained first and second violins, and cellos, was where I imagined the actual film beginning: the credits, horse-riding, and wide-angle shots of huge expanses of desert fill the first 2:00, but the film begins as the music slows down. Like how John Williams' main theme for Star Wars segues into the quieter section as the film begins.

5) The portamento on the instruments is really the work of L.A. Scoring Strings, which makes it easy to attain very realistic strings with minimum effort. (That sounded a little too much like an advertisement...)

6) Regarding the drums, they're miked using 60's microphones and mixed as they would have been in that time period; there's a mic on the kick, two overheads, and maybe a mic on the snare. That's probably why they sound tinny and, although I could have augmented them to make them sound more 'modern,' I really wanted to emulate the mid- to late-60's mixing techniques as closely as I could.

7) The song itself is undeveloped and short; it's primarily a test for writing a main theme in Morricone style, and for adding the dubstep elements. As I now have a better understanding of the orchestration and arranging involved in both of these styles (neither of which I've really written seriously before), future pieces can be longer and more developed :)

8) The dubstep elements *were* there to spice things up lol I wanted to gauge the audience's reaction to mixing the two styles (which so far seems to be mostly positive) before I went ahead and spent a long time tweaking and perfecting the two sections.

9) The synth bass is present throughout the whole song, but as I was mixing, if I bought it forward in the mix any more, it overpowered the string section. So although it is now not quite so present in the mix, it was a compromise I had to make.

Thanks for the detailed review, Supersteph,
- James

Spaghetti Western!

Something that I certainly see a group of horsemen riding into town - kind of in the vein of the Knights of Cydonia video, if ever you've seen it. Throw in a little messing with the track, to modernise it, like Moby did with the James Bond Theme and you end up with a nice presentation.

It's a little short and I'd consider making something more out of the whistled section, throwing in a few more notes, with a compliment from the bells as some sort of solo, to give more support to the origins of the track.

The only other change I'd have made would be not to include the beat so early - keep it sounding Western for a short while longer and then fade something in, to blend it all together.

[Review Request Club]

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Rampant responds:

Knights of Cydonia... I'd probably recognize it if I heard it, but I can't quite remember it off the top of my head. And, of course, who doesn't like updated versions of the James Bond theme?

I'm glad that you and others think it's too short - usually that's a good sign that people want more! - and if I return to this track, I'll probably add more bells, because you can't have too many bells, right? Along with expanding the dubstep elements, and maybe changing up the mixing a bit.

Thanks for the review,
- James


While listening to this piece I did not ie it in with acid at all. I have never done acid, but I would imagine it would sound entirely different. I like this piece. It reminded me of being alone on a mountain top listening to the sounds around me.

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Rampant responds:

I've never done acid, either... but I'd imagine everything would sound really trippy and awesome.

I'm glad my music inspired your imagination :)

Thanks for the review,

Definitely An Interesting Concept

Well I wasn't expecting something like this. The name definitely threw me off, but I'm not here to review the name, so never-mind.

I have to say that I did enjoy this piece. It's not really within my preferred genre's, but I still found it interesting and fun to listen to.

The sounds you used all sound good, especially the orchestral elements. A little more depth would have been great, but that's just my opinion.
From a technical perspective, I cant really fault this. There's no spikes in the audio, everything is mixed well, you've used panning and automation etc.; it all worked a treat.

The reason I'm not giving a ten for this, is because although I like the track, I don't feel like you really delivered on what you were aiming for. You made a good start, and I can see what you were trying to do, but the acid elements are far and few, and the dubstep section is very brief and not very prominent.
I just feel like you could have developed this a little further, but that being said, it's still a great track, and something quite original.

Keep up the good work!

*Review Request Club*

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Rampant responds:

Thanks for the review, megakill.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't even know what an LFO filter was a month ago, let alone what it actually did. Since I wrote this piece, I've been studying the 'typical' format and structure of dubstep tracks and, although I haven't had the opportunity to put them into practice yet, I will most certainly be aiming to improve my skill set.

Thanks again :)

the greatest song i have heard

this is a great song it reminds me of halo,oblivion,and great games to you know you should send other people to and see if they like like it to also keep up the good work you should deserve a trophy for it.

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Rampant responds:

Thank you for your kind words :) I'd be honored to get a trophy, like a Frontpage or a Top 5, but I doubt that'd happen.

Thanks again :)

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