A Bowl of Spaghetti

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I wanted to know what it might sound like if Ennio Morricone dropped acid and then tried to write a dubstep song... so I pretended to be Ennio Morricone on acid, trying to write dubstep.

And this is the result.

- L.A. Scoring Strings
- Kontakt Factory Library
- NI Massive
- NI FM8
- NI & Abbey Road 60's Drums
- EastWest Symphonic Orchestra
- EastWest Symphonic Choir

A Marshall MXL2300 microphone was used to record the whistling.

Please vote - preferably 4's & 5's :P - and review; it would make me very happy :)

EDIT: Well, damn! Thank you SOO much for the Top 10 ranking, guys and gals!


10/10 5/5

i just love it keep it up dude. but u would like if the song where a little bit longer

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Rampant responds:

Thanks :) I really do need to work on making my compositions longer.


Pretty cool

Feels like a retro video game boss song beginning to start up as you head to the final battle. I am guessing that buzzing going back and forth from the start was meant to represent an airship right? Very nice touch there, gives the feel of you flying into the last battle really. The tune has a battle feel which is good.

The airship sound is very nice to hear. The dub sounds and the drums give a feeling of subtle piece and allow you to know things are about to get real chaotic as well. The whistling and orchestra were really nice to listen to as they give the dynamic feel of battle to the song.

Overall, very dynamic pre-final boss song.

Review Request Club

Rampant responds:

Retro video game boss music? That would be a pretty good application of this music, even though it's not how I intended it to sound... I hope a Flash author will be able to find a use for it as pre-battle music, then :)

I'm glad you like the 'airship bass,' at first I wasn't really sure about it when I wrote the line, but I left it in because it grew on me as I kept working on the track. Automation panning by note, by hand, is really tiresome! haha

Thanks for the review,

Good song

This is a very good try of a "Morricone dubstep". I instantly thought of some cool western movie when I heard the intro. Definitely sounds like something Morricone would've done.

I also like the progression of the song. It starts off really slow but builds up nicely until the song reaches it's climax towards then end. The outro is maybe a tad bit too slow, I think I would've liked it better if the song ended with some sort of "big bang".

{ Review Request Club }

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Rampant responds:

Thank you! Morricone's music has very memorable themes and really makes you feel like the film will be big and epic - that's the type of sound I was trying to recreate (minus the dubstep, of course!).

The outro is a little slow, but I imagined it as being the start of the story after the main theme, like how John Williams has the main Star Wars theme that evolves into the descending 8th note pattern as the Imperial Star Destroyer enters the camera view.

Thanks for the review,
- James

Very cool mix of genres!

Sounds like a great composition. The strings and drums sound beautiful.

At :38 it reminds me of people marching into battle. It had a very Asian sound to it.

At 1:14 I LOVE the idea you're going for. My problem was that the wobbles were just not intense enough for me. It's not that there's not enough of them, they just need to be more pronounce and bassy. If you could possibly go back and tweak it sometime let me know and I'll check this track out again just for that part.

1:32 Cowboys. It definitely sounds very western but still had a bit of that Asian feel from earlier in the track. All I can imagine is Cowboys vs. Samurai. Which is pretty bad ass in my honest opinion.

Good track! I enjoyed listening.
5/5 (everyone deserves a 5 if you can tell they worked hard on a track.)
4.28 / 5.00 (+ 0.036)

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Rampant responds:

Huh, I never noticed the Asian tint to the sound, but I hear it now that you've mentioned it.

As for the wobbles, I'd definitely love as much feedback as I can get on those... dubstep isn't my main genre, but I'm looking to improve as much as I can in the genre and, as you can see here, blending it with some... unexpected genres :)

Thanks for the vote and the review,
- James

Pretty interesting take on dub :p

I really enjoyed the instrumentation here, and the cleanliness of the samples was definitely a massive plus. The drum kit you've chosen sounds very nice, and almost marching-band-ish.

This song itself is wonderfully composed, but in no way do I even closely relate this to Dubstep (Acid included, or not). This sounds like it would fit into a video game or flash movie pretty easily though! This song is very different, but I don't think that makes it bad at all :P.

Great work buddy!
~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

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Rampant responds:

Thanks - the strings are LA Scoring Strings and the drums are a one-two punch combo of EastWest's Symphonic Orchestra (one of the snares patches) and Native Instruments' Abbey Road 60's Drums.

This was my first foray into electronic elements, so I'm not really surprised if it doesn't sound much like dubstep, but I do hope that a flash author will find a use for it somehow in one of his or her movies or games.

Thanks for the review,
- James

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