**Let's Go** (Dubstep WIP)

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A song I've been working on... Don't know where to go with it. Hope you like! Leave some suggestions in the comments below :)


Let's Go

Hey there! I'm sort of putting together a compilation of dubstep "Let's Go"'s and I'd love to add yours. It's really just a personal compilation. Regardless, this is sweet. The 'fuck it, bass' made me so happy. I really want something less serious at about 1:15, but just because this is fun and playful. Some unexpected sunshine at the very end might make this perfect. I agree with Antiskill. It's so close to being the masterpiece.

Just wanted you to know I grooved to this. =DD

Im going to play the song, and review as it goes

Intro - a little synth melody going (im kinda on my way to the back button thinking its just one of those 8 year olds who think they are amazing with the demo of fl studio.) BUT THEN, this Main melody comes in.. and its sexy.. i love it a lot to be honest.. really really good job with that. Howd you make it? :P it has a nice sound to it.. use this synth in a lot of your songs and people will be very happy with your music ;)
Build up - In every really dubstep song there is always some type of build up to get the listener ready for the drop.. You really didnt have one.. in the final version.. please put one it.. Do like a sweep up and stop it right before the guy talks.. or even do a high pass filter and drop it back down right before the words.. that would be sick
WUBLY WUBS - Im not sure how long you've been making dubstep, but these are pretty quality wubs.. they dont sound like Massive, they dont sound like sytrus, so WHAT ARE THEY!? if you dont know what NI massive is already.. you should get it.. its really really really nice for making sick basses..
Anyways, great sounding wobbles and great melodies with them.
Drums - Not bad really, maybe put some rides in there or more variety of percussion to stop the repitition of your triple high hats over and over ;)
Over all - 9/10
Musically, This is one hell of a song dude.. and it sounds really really nice.. which is very impressive since i see its like your 6th song or something :P
But Quality wise, i still think if you got yourself some quality synths and some sick wobbles and stuff.. This could be on the all time list for sure..
Maybe some sound effects and sweep ups and stuff.. oh and.. CRASHES!? come on man you need to get some crashes or atleast some sweep downs and sweep ups in there :P
Great song
I'll be watching out for the full version of this :P
And your future works.
and if you have any questions or anything you can send me a pm or just reply here and i'll be sure to answer you :P

Petethatguy responds:

First of all Thanks for the in depth review! I love constructive criticism! :D

To make my melody, I usually find a good progression that I like, and then edit it to make it more musical with 8th notes and 16 notes and such.

And I did use NI massive for the lead synth and the wobbles. I'm kind of new to it, so I'm mainly watching Youtube tutorials to understand how to use it.

I'm planning on adding more layers, of course, and I'm actually collaborating with my friend who makes some dubstep also (He doesn't have a Newgrounds page though...LAME), but what you heard is 100% me and I will tell him about your input.

Thank you very much for your review, I appreciate it and it will help! :D


As of right now. it seems like the sketch before the final master piece.
The melody is nice, and the bass parts are deep, but the samples and vocals are low.
I would recommend adjusting the vocals more to give them more personality. Add effects on them-something!
So you need to spend more time on the whole thing. Tweaking here and there. Have more percussion effects, sweeps, crashes, breaks. More structure.

Although i do like the drops, they would be better if they had builds leading up to them, -you know, man!

Petethatguy responds:

I hear ya bro! Still working on it, excited to see the finished product. ;) Thanks for the suggestions!

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