You Weren't There

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This started as a classical song, it almost became a trance song, then I wanted to do vocal hip hop, and then it turned into this. I would have loved to have some vocals for this but I don't know anybody who raps or sings, so let's call it progressive instrumental hip hop.

I do have some....lyrics for this up to the verse, but I can't rap.

Enjoy, I don't do full songs very often. I'm actually surprised I finished this one.



Well this piece feels rather calmed down and quite smooth I think. Makes you think of seeing someone curled up on a roof as the zombies roam a city. They look up wondering why it happened this way as well. They walk to the edge and take out a grenade throwing it down at the huge mass of zombies and before it hits the ground it explodes destroying several heads of the zombies and they fall down. You feel slightly disgusted watching the other zombies get down quickly to feast on the flesh of a fallen zombie too. You throw a few more and soon a lot of them are down but still eating a lot.

The piano gives a strange feeling of calmness as if you know you will always be safe from the harms of the zombies below you feasting on other zombies as their legs break apart and fall out from under them. The bass is also soothing as you walk back and forth wondering how to survive the nightmare or even how to possibly escape the city as well seeing as help will not be coming for a long time either.

The synth gives a calm feel and that scratch feel kind of makes you think of yourself hearing an occasional wrapping sound at the door to the roof. You hold out the guns wondering what it might be every time you hear throughout the week. The drums are smooth and give a great feeling as well while playing here.

Overall, calming piece of work and like how it fades out at the end as well, nice.

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Good song

The intro of the song reminds me of some 8-bit-video-games-classics, which is really strange since the sound is far, far away from being 8 bit. But the melody... I somehow have the feeling I have heard that before, even though I can't put my finger on it where I might have heard it.

Anyway, the intro is nice and sets a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. I also like the transition from the intro to the main song at around 0:39. It kind of divides the intro from the rest of the song which I think it is really fitting here.

During the rest of the song we can hear some very nice melodies and even though the song stays calm the whole time it never gets boring.

Also, I don't think you should add lyrics here. I like the song as it is now, I think a singer wouldn't fit too much here.

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Pleasent to listen to

I enjoy the soft selection of sound. I do have to say from my standpoint that I think there should be a much bigger, beefier, "stands right in front of the mix" kick. And perhaps a snare or clap to layer on top of the one right now. I enjoyed it a lot. Great melodies! Take care.

GronmonSE responds:

You have a good point, I didn't work on the perc as much I worked on the other stuff, so I kind of overlooked the kick sound. Weird though because I have two different perc sets doing the same thing here, thought that would have made it beefy.


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