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Idyllic Memories

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Update 3/18/12:

Remastered the track, getting rid of the muffled quality and the overbearing mid range. Also exported in a higher quality.

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Used in game 'Disillusion'

Hi :D

Just wanted to let you know that I'm an indie game developer, and I used this track in a game I made in 72 hours for a competition called 'Disillusion'. It's gotten some great reviews and commentary, including a "Let's Play" video by a popular YouTuber, Raocow.

You can find his video here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kScQ22 U0Hbs

You can download the game here if you'd like:

I really loved this track and it is beautifully fitting. Thank you for the amazing music!

WizMystery responds:


That's awesome man! I'll definitely be checking it out after school today.


The start seems real calming here. Like how it gives a feeling of piece as well and happiness. Kind of makes me think of My Little Pony actually and Fluttershy just having a peaceful afternoon stroll walking through the nearby Everfree Forest to see if any of the bunnies or chickens may have wandered over there. Very peaceful.

The piano is a very calming piece and makes you feel at ease as well while you go through the day just feeling really great about the world as well. The harp sounds real nice here and I like how it gives an atmosphere of happiness as well. The part where everything went down a bit kind of makes me think of Fluttershy lowering her head feeling a bit sad for a moment as well.

The violins are very charming and make you feel good as well which is very nice to hear I think.

Overall, very calming and relaxing piece. I like it a lot.

Review Request Club

Excellent, but the mixing needs work.

I totally agree with megakill that this is a really great submission but the mix takes it down a lot. I won't give you a score as low as a 5 because the atmosphere and stuff, although the mix certainly needs to be touched up, I think. All in all, good job.

Starting with the composition, the melody isn't exactly memorable - to be honest this sounds quite a bit like an improvisation. Still, the way you introduce note after note and the clarinet playing a droning hum in the background gave it a very interesting atmosphere. It actually reminds me a bit of the Sacred Grove soundtrack of Twilight Princess.

I've never been good at figuring out time signatures although this sounds like 5/8. Whatever it is, it's a change from the usual 4/4 and works wonderfully. Always interesting to hear songs in time signatures that are used less than others.

The instrumentation is simple but fitting. The harp plays a continuous pattern in the background which serves as a nice backbone to the song, and the occasional entrances of the clarinet are fantastic. At parts like 0:53 you fade in strings which sounds great. At 1:53 you introduce a softer part, which breaks up the repetition and was enjoyable. At 2:20 you fade in some strings which work out very well.

The transitions are smooth and none of the transitions interrupt the atmosphere or anything. I especially like the transition to the softer part at 1:53 and the entrance of the harp when that section ends. It's all very subtle and I think this would make perfect background music because of such a nice, consistent atmosphere and smooth transitions. Intro and outro were both incredibly fitting - no complaints there!

It's all very good, but unfortunately the mix is definitely something that needs working on. There are way too many mid frequencies, especially with the harp and clarinet. Space out your instruments a bit more - having so many mid frequencies makes this quite tiring to listen to. The song clips a little too, if I'm not mistaken. EQing will work wonders over here.

All in all, I love the song. Despite not having much of a memorable melody, it'll fit right at home as background music to a game. However, as you can see the mix knocked two points off my score. Work on your EQing and this won't have much more room for improvement. Other than that, keep it up!

-Review Request Club-

I love it.

I didn't know what to expect when I started listening to this song. As soon as that first melody started playing at :13 I fell in love. The piano and the harp sound amazing together. I'm almost getting a rush of nostalgia with how many games this reminds me of.

The strings added to the track so beautifully as the swept in and out of the song.

I really can't say anything that I would improve with this track. In my opinion it's flawless.

Very nice work indeed sir! Favorited!

4.42 / 5.00 (+ 0.022)

[Review Request Club]

Good song

This is a pretty good song. I like the melodies here and the song is quite relaxing. Even though the melodies - especially the main melody - repeats very often during the song it doesn't get repititve or boring at all. In fact, the constant repitation of the melodies increase the relaxing feel I get when listening to the song.

However, the song sounds a bit too melancholic for me, which is a bit contradicting the title. "Idyllic" shouldn't be "melancholic", at least for me. Maybe if the song was a tad bit faster it wouldn't sound so melancholic. But that's nitpicking and it won't affect the score.

But I think megakill is right. The levels of the instruments (especially the clarinet) is a bit too high. But on the other hand, I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for megakill's review, so it can't be THAT bad ^^.

{ Review Request Club }

WizMystery responds:

I envisioned "Idyllic Memories" to be a nostalgic longing for better days, melancholy always accompanying nostalgia in my case.

I'm re-panning things and sending it to milkcarton for mastering so whatever's wrong with it will go away.

Thanks for the review!

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4.51 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2011
3:36 PM EDT
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