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Just Peachy

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Author Comments

Well, this was another old song I wrote years ago that I've turned electronic. It was originally a strange grunge song and the first way I thought of to explain it's current form was "electronic post-grunge". A lot of work went into this song and I remember it all started with that wicked bass line. Hope y'all like it.

Here we are
On The Fringe
Takin shots at livin
In this old world
You know it's true
Never know what ya gettin, yeah~

(/end chorus)

Here we are
Once again
Takin shit from all our friends
Don't look down
Upon us
We'll make life worth livin yet



Well this is a strange feeling tune anyways to put under grunge seeing as it is a cover piece anyways. Is that your voice though? Kind of sounds like some singer with the radio filter applied at first then it sounds heavily demonized for the rest of this piece I see which is kind of odd for me anyways I think. The tune seems to go forth and make you feel kind of strange as well.

The space feeling synth was strange I think and then the normal synth makes you feel alright though so that is worth hearing I think. The bass is pretty nicely done and it sounds quite well here too I think. The drums are mediocre but good sounding as well.

Overall, pretty good but the altering of the voice later in kind of ruins it a bit for me sadly.

Review Request Club

Rahmemhotep responds:

A... "Cover piece"? Where in blazes did you get that idea?? This is 100% Rahmemho-muthafuckin'-tep, boiiiii! That being said, of course it's my voice. Different from the vocals I did in my other songs you heard, eh?

In the chorus I was, actually, doing a sort of Rob Zombie kind of thing, but I couldn't be bothered to figure out all the effects he puts on his vocals in the song of his I was thinking of, so I ended up doing my own thing. The chorus was originally screamed, so you might've liked that better.

Not entirely sure what you're talking about here, so thanks? Haha!
The drums sound mediocre, because they're, basically, MIDI drums. Unless you're talking about the style of drumming, because in that case I'd be confused.

Thanks for the review!

Good try, but it didnt really do it for me...

So I've read your comments and understand that this is supposed to be an electronic version of a grunge song. While I commend you for trying something different, I'm afraid I personally don't think it works too well. Now this might be because of genres, but I'll get into that later.

Now from a technical perspective, it's all pretty tight. The levels are about right, with no major spikes in the audio. All the sounds and synths are pretty good, although I'm not really a fan of the crash and ride. You might wanna quickly take a look at the very end of the song. As the last cymbal rings out you can hear some kind of distortion before it all stops. Not sure what that's all about, and maybe I'm just being fussy, but, still.

So yeah, the technical side is fine for me, but, I think the genre's just conflict too much. It's not terrible or anything, but the vocals for the verses just sound too out of place when compared to the rest of the song. Making it electronic just hasn't really worked in my opinion, however, it has made me wonder what it might have sounded like if you'd tried spinning it more towards another genre.
Have you considered trying to make it more industrial? Or, if you really wanted to mix things up, the vocals for the chorus could be used for some kind of dubstep, although you'd need to be quite experienced in making dubstep to get that to work.

I really wish I could say more to help, it's just that there really isn't much wrong with it, it's just I personally don't think it really worked. Still, I dont doubt other people might be able to get into this, so try and take what I've said with a pinch of salt, and keep on trying man!

*Review Request Club*

Rahmemhotep responds:

Take a look at my other shit. Pretty much all of it is either post industrial or some genre bending song that can't be easily placed.

No, no, that's a 'blip' that comes from the rhythm synth being an asshole. I really couldn't stop it from doing that in FL Studio. I mean, I could get rid of it quite easily by exporting the track from the song to Audacity, simply silence the blips, porting the rest of the song into Aud and lining them up, blah, blah, blah. I just didn't feel like going off and doing it. I might do it if I come back to this song before I put it on an album.

Industrial? I do that type of shit all the time.
Dubstep? *insert raging rant about my hatred for such filth*

Nah dude, everyone perceives everything differently from everyone else. I enjoyed getting this kind of reaction, because my music is definitely not for everybody and nobody, except myself, is going to like all of my songs.


I can't help it, but the melody of the lyrics sounds pretty much like Nirvanas "Come as you are", so at first I thought this was some kind of strange cover with altered lyrics. But apart from the melody in the verses nothing reminds me of said song.

This song starts off really slow, with the instruments strangely set back, as if you didn't know if you really wanted to do this song or not, heh.
But once the chorus starts other instruments set in and at this time the song becomes really strange. But "strange" doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad song. It's just a very unusual song. And I have to give you points for originality here, because I don't think there are too much "electronic post-grunge" songs out there. ^^

Too bad the song is so short, though. I think if it was a minute or two longer I would like it even better.

{ Review Request Club }

Rahmemhotep responds:

Well, the song was written several years ago and that's how I sung the lyrics from the start. I could've made a different melody for the lyrics, but I wanted to stay true to how I wrote it originally.

"Set back"? I'm not sure what you mean here, but I wrote the thing from start to end with the determination of completing it.

Yeah, way back when I wrote it, my guitarist thought the rhythm guitar (the rhythm synth with glitch effects on it in this case) didn't match with the rest of the song. Little did he know it was actually the solo that clashed melodically with the bass and rhythm. It all sounds good to me though.

I sort of wanted to make it longer, actually, but I wanted to keep what was written so I left it alone.

Got better towards the end.

I almost stopped listening at the beginning. The voice at the beginning was kind of a shocker, because it sounded strained and monotoneish. But the beat was not bad, and the chorus was amazing. Now it's stuck in my head... good job!

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Rahmemhotep responds:

Well, it wasn't strained but that's kind of the idea. Grunge had a few vocalists with raspy voices and monotonous, bored sounding singing. For instance, Kurt Cobain did this a good bit. Some people like this vocal style and some people don't, it's all good.

Thanks for the review!

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3.60 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2011
1:41 PM EDT
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