Mystic Firefall

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This song has A LONG INTRO! Seriously, it's ridiculous.

Anyway, this song has something like 45 patterns, 10 automation clips, 4 samples, and a whole lot of 3xOsc channels. A looooooot of them. I programmed every one of these synths, and most of them have more than one 3xOsc channel.

You can get a lossless version of this song on my website (after I upload it there, it'll take forever with my internet to upload a 65MB file,) www.mod15.tk/ or my bandcamp (same thing) mod15.bandcamp.com
You can get it for free, or you can send some moolah my way.

You can use this song in whatever you want, just like to either this page, or my Newgrounds or Bandcamp page. Just give me credit and post a link.

Rate, review, &ct.

EDIT 1: Changed a few things. Finally EQed the instruments, forgot to do that before. Got a better sounding (in my opinion) snare.
EDIT 2: Finally found a snare that I like. Err, layered a few snares to get a sound that I like. I think I may have messed with the mix a little, too. Don't quite remember.



This is awesome
You make such great music
10 stars

DJSpire responds:

Thanks man!
I really enjoy it when people leave positive reviews, it's what makes me keep going.

My kind of music

I love this kind of music and i think you did a realy good job =D

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DJSpire responds:

Thank you muchly :D


You sure seem to know a lot of things about music.
If you programmed this yourself, then you are well on your way to become semi professional. There are many songs out there that use preset samples. They might sound a bit better, but again, it are samples.

However, the quality of your programmed synths are somewhat low quality.
Except for these bells at the beginning. Perhaps you should look for tutorials on youtube. They offer high quality tutorials and come along with better VSTI plugins. 3xOSC is rather old. I only use it to make sidechained noise haha.

Well good job on this one. It should take a while to make something like this.
Hope my review helps.

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DJSpire responds:

Oh, I know that 3xOsc is reaallllyy old. I just felt like challenging myself and writing a song written using only 3xOsc with only sounds I programmed myself.

I think that the first arpeggiating lead synth is low quality, but the bass (imho) is really good. I like it, to say the least.

But I definitely think that the second lead synth that I put in is of higher quality than the first. I think it's kinda an anthem sound. Like, anthem trance. Something like that.

I've got a decent amount of higher quality VSTis, and use them on a regular basis. I program pretty much everything other than drums in all of my songs from scratch, unless I'm using a dreaded Nexus sample. Haha!

Honestly, though, I really only spent about 6 hours on this. If I went back and spent a few more hours polishing it up, I could make the synths shine with beauty. And I could make a better mix. I'm just a little too lazy at this point, plus my ears are burnt out on making music. I released 4 tracks this past week.

I'll come back in about a week to make this piece shine. I'll PM you then :)

Though, to be honest, I cannot find a snare sample that I like with this song. It's really kinda pissing me off. Know any good sample CDs for snares that are really punchy, but have tone to them? They're not just white noise. I need something like that, with a lot of tone, kinda in the 200Hz area, both short and long. That would be beauteous.

well composed

beat is good, but the samples could have been different :) What program did you use ?

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DJSpire responds:

FL Studio 9 - all synths hand programmed in 3xOsc

And yeah, I don't really like that snare sample, I'll probably change it for the final version that'll go up on my Bandcamp.

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