[ f ] Dippin Out

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New beat. lemme know what you think

To hear other stuff i've been working on go to soundcloud.com/adeyemi



I hear the first musical phrase line as shit gettin funky, and then the second line as "DIPPIN OUT"

they commin for mine? huh?
Dip on out, gonna eat some sour crout

It just hit the fan.. BAM!
dippin to the right, I'm outta sight bitc#

Stay and get whats coming
Or dip and eat that sumthing

Romp till the cops bust in
Or dip out with a bottle of gin..

I dip out...bi@ches shoutin drunk, no punk,
just dodging the lumps, I come from a place where you better
watch for shit, and when its clear punk im jumpin anywhere but in it

In it to win it, more power to them all
and im gonna git it. Living it up...
I live it through
Giving it up
Never thats what hoes do hahahaha

Now im back in it, fresh and they feel it
fool go to the dentist
Smash a diet, eat it up, relentless
On and on dip in out over fences
dennis the menace eatncharlettuce

The beats fire dude. iv never heard the name of a song and been able to apply it to a beat.
Good shit i had hella fun listening making lyrics


I can really imagine someone rappung to this, good job bro!

god damn

this shit is fire. perfectly placed everything... what do i hear when i hear this beat????

gettin some pussy ahahah no lie

wrote up a couple verses for a review

im dipping because people think im different
it is my appearance or my very lack of appearance
im almost tearing because people arent cheering
i toast and cheers but people arent hearing
/they dont even stare and basically look through
they dont see me and make me feel like # 2
when noticed their shrewd and treat me like shoe
like their foot belongs in me and i got walking to do
/i stir and brew because of the insaneness and pain
i got expert experience but still stuck in their reigns
its in grained in them that i should be the one less
i try to step up but im always left in duress
/Im always threatened and about to be stepped on
about to be leaped on and about to be set wrong
what the hecks wrong with me, tell me please
tell me now before i grab this .380 and squeeze

they look down on me, they put down and pounce
i try to apply and step up but im always unannounced
i got the ability and more than the agility
what wrong? why wont they allow me in their facility
/what with the hostility, why they always so coarse
why wont they endorse and help me further my course
and help fullfill my journey with what i think im deserving
im still stuck in this life, barely earning
/being out to the left, treated like their pet
being bombarded while barely into my life quest
its unrest in my opinion,
it unjust and yes i think they treat me like a minion
/they're always bringing the hate, its a disgrace
why cant they allow a new in and simply embrace
im their same race, so why i dont sound like them
its called individuality, i say that we site them

5d and downloaded..maybe record..ill see whats good..Keep up Flashmac!


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Very catchy, relaxed type beat. I love it. Would you mind if I used it sometime?

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Sep 9, 2011
12:35 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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