Song of Storms Remix [mod15]

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EDIT: Thank you, SO MUCH, Newgrounds! I literally started freaking out and stuff when I saw that this made it into the Best of the Week. Like, my friend was telling me to calm down and breathe. I had looked at the score, and it was 4.5/5 at about 10:55 my time. Then I looked at 11:02, and it was 4.14, so I was all, "Oh, the trolls and zero-bombers struck again." Then I looked at the Newgrounds Audio Page, and I flipped out! So, seriously, thank you everybody. Also, check out my other music if you enjoy this. I love ALL of you, except that one guy that zero-bombed. Well, I still love you. You're just an ass.
EDIT 2: Moved to Video Game because people think that it doesn't deserve to be called DnB.

Here's that epic remix of Song of Storms that I promised you guys.

Wait, I didn't promise anybody that? Well, here it is anyway.

I hope you enjoy it. Seriously, enjoy. Or else. I'm only kidding, I love you guys.

But really, whether or not you enjoy it, leave me a comment. Vote. Rate it. PM me. Something. I want feedback in a form other than a number. Please? 'Cause that is easily swayed, with the trolls and zero bombers.

IF YOU ENJOYED THIS SONG: Seriously, if you enjoyed this song, please go check out my other songs. Especially "T Minus 10." They're much better than this. I kinda slapped this one together. They were actually given time.

So yeah, be a kind human.

Also, you can get my music in higher quality at
They're the same site, for reals.

Oh, and it's free, if you so choose. Or you can send some moolah my way, that would be highly appreciated.

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weird percussion lmao

Great i love this song with the remix is even better

Kaplosion put it pretty dang good so i am hopeing and waiting for all your new music projects good luck and i cant wait.

Really good potential but...

There's that stupid beat that starts at 0:26. Now it only becomes a problem at the end of 0:41 when it starts to get irregular. Then it feels like a woodpecker is trying to get in through my headphones.

Honestly if you made with without that beat (or stopped the beat in question at 0:42, or make it not so damn annoying) I would give this a 9/10. I would really like to see you take another whack at this song. I imagine removing it would be the easiest for you if you have other projects you're working on... Hope to see more!

PS: i'd donate but i'm a student and thus so poor I have negative money.

DJSpire responds:

I wish I could remove it.
Like, seriously. It just won't let me. Because it has over 3000 views/listens. But I reeeaaalllllllyyy want to get rid of it.

I may eventually take another crack at it, but not right now. I've got a bigger project at the moment.
And I completely understand the negative money part. I'm a high school student.

On another note, if I do ever take another try, I'll send you a PM about it.


Pretty much what hyper said.

The song needs a lot of work.

You obviously think that this song is good (as suggested by your comment)
"Here's that epic remix of Song of Storms that I promised you guys"
Oh, and also, you can't expect people to pay you for this song ("Oh, and it's free, if you so choose. Or you can send some moolah my way, that would be highly appreciated.", in case you forgot)

Your general attitude towards the reviewers is appalling. Doesn't matter what your persona may be, it is highly influenced by the way you are in "RL"

Not a great song. Not bad. Not the best (by far). I think some of the reviews have been a bit harsh however. 2/5 3/10

DJSpire responds:

I don't think this song is good. Ever heard of a literary device called, "sarcasm?" I'm prolific with it. I'm a very facetious person on the internet. I don't expect people to pay me for THIS song, and I don't expect them to pay me for ANY song. It's just an option for people that enjoy my songs enough to provide me with a small amount of income.

And again, it's a persona. I can make it whatever I want, it has no correlation to myself in real life. I am a novelist, I create fake attitudes all the time. And I never once used, "RL," so don't quote that.

And it is most definitely a bad song, if you can't hear that, you need a check up of the ears. None of the reviews were particularly harsh, they could have simply been worded better.

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Sep 2, 2011
8:13 PM EDT
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