Sorry [Piano Improv]

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The music speaks for itself.
I am currently working on writing sheet music for this, hopefully it'll be done soonish.

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A great pick-me-up

THanks! This helped my friends daughter go to sleep.
I could play this song over and over and not get tired of it

I love this stuff.

nicely done!

Ethereal and emotionally honest

This is one of those rare pieces that I listen to and feel slightly overwhelmed. A situation in which, while closing my eyes and floating with the progression of tones, the emotion from composer transfers through the music and resonates with my soul, and I know that the music is genuine.

The performance itself was beautiful, full of rising and falling dynamics that are free, and yet controlled so as to not detract from the impact of the climax. Phrasing is rubato and lovely, pulling and pushing, anticipating and withholding.

One of my favorite places in the piece is from 1:49 to 2:15. After the sustained chord at 1:52, there is a pressure that wants to release itself in a resolution to tonic, but instead of fulfilling the, a bit of the phrase is repeated, creating that much more intensity and release when tonic is eventually reached. I love at 2:10 how quiet the piano gets and how a slight ritard presents itself, as if someone is standing on the threshold about to step into the future, but they know that upon doing so, they can never turn back; they pause for a moment, remember reflect on where they have come from, and holding their breath, take a step into the life ahead.

It was also lovely how around 4:27, the pace picked up and the character became a bit more resolute and cheerful. It was a nice change of pace. The hold ending section from 5:15 onward was lovely, with simple and pure arpeggios that flowed gently. Around 5:50, it was as if time came to a halt for some imaginary protagonist as he reflected.

There were a couple of spots that I would give constructive criticism, though the piece is very lovely as a whole. I wish that you wouldn't have gone to tonic at 1:58, but kept from resolving until 2:15. That would have created a greater tug at the heartstrings I think. Also, the piece is just a tag too stagnant- six minutes is a little on the long side for a primarily triadic, root-position, block chord based texture. Using different accompaniment patterns would have been a bit refreshing. To your credit though, changes in register helped expand the color palette of the piece and break up monotony in places. Essentially, I would have liked a better voice leading in places, and using chord inversions could have been helpful in this regard, and the bass line would have been a bit more smooth.

Let us put aside the technical talk, though, and proceed to what is of greater importance. There are countless pieces out there that are harmonically complex and staggering in their craftsmanship; however, so many of those pieces are cold, lifeless, and calculated. There are composers who are brilliant and yet soulless, who treat composition as an isolated shop tool rather than as a way to convey songs of the soul. In this piece, albeit simple, I can feel life pulsing. I feel bittersweet reminiscing, remorse, a deep set pain, and yet a tinge of hope. Listening reminds me of the painful situation that changed my life; of losing a girl that I loved. I had been so closed off and guarded my whole life, but I opened up, made myself vulnerable, and gave my heart away. It was beautiful and an amazing season of life, but it ended with such pain. I look back with thankfulness for the time, but also with such heartbreak that it is forever the past.

When music brings about such raw emotion in me, I am sure, I can feel, that the composer opened up, made himself vulnerable, and placed his soul in the music. That's tough to do. It's like opening up your inmost being, taking down the barriers, and becoming transparent for the whole world to see, no more facade or pretense.

It could be that I'm reading too much into the music, but it's what I sense, and if you can compose like this without any heart, than you are some incredible craftsman. But I think you did put heart into this, and for that, your piece contributes a uniqueness to the art of composing that drives it forward. For that, thank you.

Need a Hug? =(

There must have been quite a bit of sorrow for someone to put together such a sad and emotional piece. I'd ask as to the occasion, but probably best to leave that to close friends and family. Wish I could just give you a hug, but there's this computer and probably several hundred or thousand miles in the way... I'm sorry for what happened. For what it's worth and what it was. I don't think "spoken from the heart" is good enough to describe this. This is from the soul.
Anyways, good song ^_^ Got a download from me!

-cries in corner

so amazing! made me cry and im usually a heartless person. Memories of my auntie in law before her accident <3

thankyou for this, your my personal mediator :)

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Sep 2, 2011
12:35 AM EDT
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