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New day, new song, new sounds, new time signature(s). Take 5 (well, six actually, but that destroys the whole integrity of the reference doesn't it?) and have a listen!

Look out for some beautiful melodic stuff after a little less than 4 minutes and out.

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This progression and style

Kind of reminds me of the sound track for this game called Jewel Master. You could probably do a mean remix or two.

You are certainly not corporate crap! :D

Always count on SBB to grab a bunch of guitars, pads, effects, and drums, and make a kickass atmospheric song in an obscure but surprisingly fitting time signature. That was the first thing that came in my mind while hearing this. As usual, brilliant work on the atmosphere, the sounds, the transitions, etc... I really love this cavern atmosphere you've got going on. Oh and this review might be a bit short (for my standards anyway). Maths homework sucks.

To start with, the sounds you used were perfect. Really, I wouldn't do anything to change the sounds at all, and they were all mixed together so well. The bass is clear without being overbearing, the pads sound incredible and the guitars are, as always, excellent. Well, all the sounds are good except the drums in my opinion. I'll get to that later on.

Something I like about this track would certainly be how interesting it sounds, without pushing itself to sound weirdly unique or experimental. The time signature (uh... 5/8 right?) is very rarely used but it works out so naturally over here. The guitars sound atmospheric; a trait which I don't usually associate with electric guitars, but at the same time they sound really cool. Just goes to show what a good number of years of music experience can give you.

However, what I liked the most about this track would be the part from 3:47 onwards. That pad sounds absolutely extraordinary. Not only does it offer some beautiful melodic stuff but it really adds that final touch to the cavern atmosphere. I love turning my speakers up to an extremely high volume when the song gets to that part.

I can't complain with the composition. The pad melody at the end was naturally the highlight of the composition, but there were plenty of cool basslines and guitar riffs to go around, before that part came in. I would've personally preferred some more melody-oriented parts before the pad came in, however...

...And that brings me to my next point. You've heard this from nearly every person who reviewed your song in the NGADM so far, and I'll have to reiterate it: this sounds too much like background music. If I were to listen to this as a background to a game, I'd love how well it would fit, but on its own it gets kind of uninteresting and repetitive. I think that's one of the biggest problems of this track.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against background music (after all, Video Game BGM/remixes are pretty high on my 'Most Played' list) although I'd consider this background music more than I would consider it a song that one would listen to on its own, so it goes without saying that the song gets repetitive and monotonous at times. It's the main reason why I prefer Then Everything Fell over this - TEF has those two BADASS guitar solos, and a bassline with a great hook to it, while this seems to focus a lot more on sounding like a good background.

Lastly, the drums. I agree with Metaljonus about the drums - they feel too distant. I think you could've been a bit more creative with your percussion and, for instance, brought along some loud, reverby, ambient drum hits which would've definitely fit wonderfully with the theme. Additionally, the drums themselves sound pretty weak and dry. Beats are awesome though, can't complain there.

Overall, this track is awesome. It sounds unique without striving to sound odd/experimental, the sounds are flawless, and the atmosphere is second to none. Generic recap over, keep up the brilliant work, man!
Oh and scratch that thought of the review being short.

-Review Request Club-


Sounds dark and eerie for sure, the drums could come up a little bit more or the the snare and hi hat rather the kicker sounds good. Other than that pretty wicked! If you got a chance I got a new track up too called "Vulcan". Keep it up!!!



Really laid-back and awesome. Piece really feels like it knows what it is and what it's for. Great stuff, keep it up.


This one reminds me of a mix of sfexpa's "Under Tube" and "Cold Pipe". That's great music right there.

Heavy bass is very common in Japanese composition. I like it.

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Aug 31, 2011
2:54 AM EDT
General Rock
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