[dj-Jo] Life Line

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Dubstep with an extra something from my sister ARF ARF ARF (laughing)

well, This has been a big project and it has been in production for some time now

and now you can hear it your self!

So! This is

dj-Jo feat. Jakilz

dj-jo ( www.dj-jo.newgrounds.com )

Jakillz ( www.jakilz.newgrounds.com )
or ( jakilz.tumblr.com )



Fantastic build up. The drop was slightly flat, but over all, very strong track. I hope you continue to bring the world, and myself, great remixes and originals from your perspective.

I loved the build up.

The intro wasn't too fantastic. The synths are swallowing those kicks ultimately giving the track less power.

The build was fantastic though. Very creative idea. Loved the use of the vocal clips.

I don't really agree with that flanger effect on the synths in the drop. Definitely turned me off from this song.

3:36 More of that! That synth is sexy. Loved that part honestly.

Keep it up man!

4.43 / 5.00 (+ 0.025)

[Review Request Club]

Very Nice Work

Firstly, lemme just say the idea of using an answering machine recording is genius.

Listening to this I found that all the sounds and synths you've used sound great. Everything's got a high standard of quality about it, and fits the genre like a shoe.
There's certain expectations about how things should sound in dubstep, and you've met them, so good job!

It's all arranged nicely, and progresses well. You don't repeat anything too much, or nothing really unexpected or out of place occurs. This is definitely a big plus, because I hate it when songs just go off on a tangent and jump all over the place, or just become too repetitive.

The mix is okay, but it clipped in places, and the sounds seem to clash too much and distort a little around the drop, so you may want to go back and have a go at tweaking that a little.

Otherwise, this is a good song, and you should be proud.

*Review Request Club*

Bum dum bum bum

This seems to hold a very greatly done rhythm to it and I quite enjoy it as well. The tune seems to flow and I like the phone part you added in there as well. It sounded like you were going to try saving someone from killing themselves and you go after them as well. The beat is quite well composed and very quirky yet awesome at the same time.

The synth seems very dynamic as if hearing four of them play at the same time at all times here strangely. I enjoyed the lighter synth in the back though as it gave a hope induced feeling to it which I greatly enjoyed a lot too. The bass here was pretty much giving off a feeling of explosions to me I think. The drums here were great.

Enjoyed around 2:25 where it went down and slowly builds back up with a solid drum beat. The phone call was also great but where did it come from if I can ask? Then after the light build up and her asking something it blows up to full dubstep which sounds quite well done I think and very brutally great!

Overall, I think you managed to make a very solid piece that keeps the listener interested in hearing how the song will end. Greatly done.

Review Request Club

dj-Jo responds:

First off, thanks for the review :D

And about the vocal sample
I recorded my sister on my blue yeti (usb mic) to somrthing we cooked up in a matter of minutes (which was a big surprise for us because we usually take forever to get ideas for songs with some kind of vocals in them.

Glad you liked the song :D

found you on the advert forum :p

you're sad about no reviews? i've barely gotten any votes :/ you should give my latest a listen after this.

onto yours though. great use of vocal samples with the breaks!! adding a theme like that always really ties a song together. you got some real intensity going in this one. however, some of those basses seem to be battling against each other. or maybe its the strength of the reverb on the bright lead.

best part of this song was the epic saw at 3:40. it really got there at that part.

5/5 man, nice work.

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4.36 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2011
8:48 PM EDT
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