Ironesque Valley

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Hey everyone, this track is a long one! It's pretty much the audio form of a short indie film. I would recommend downloading this track and listening to it on an mp3 player while walking around, at night if safe, for the beat experience. I completely understand that there will be people who do not wish to listen to a 16 minute ambient song, but rest assured THIS IS NOT REPETETIVE DRONE lol. It is a vivid soundscape, progressing into different tones and themes. Be patient, listen before bed, open your mind a bit, and try something different. ;)

I made this track to represent my thoughts while depressed. I was feeling almost "insane" for a while, driving for hours on end to try and calm my thoughts and place everything together. I would go for walks at night in the woods, watching trees pass by me. I would sit in my dorm and just stare at the ceiling. I couldn't possibly describe what emotions I felt during this depression, but after all of it was over I decided to try and convert it into music. I do this with most of my ambient tracks, and after five months of work I am finally done with this 16 minute opening to my upcoming progressive ambient album, "N".

I spent the majority of the five months it took to write this track piecing together my thoughts into what I thought would best express them. I don't expect everyone to like this track of course, because it is very experimental. I would absolutley, positivley, love to hear feedback on this track. If any imagery comes to mind, then please don't hold them back. By all means, feel free to expand your mind and, when ready, put on your headphones, open up a window, sit down, relax, go for a walk, or do whatever you feel will help you best engulf yourself in this track.

What this track actually "means" or "represents" is all up to you, the listener. It can be a relaxing track to help open up your mind, a track to help recover lost memories, background noise for a game, an interesting listen to break from "normal" music, or just a complete pile of crap because I know not everyone enjoys ambient, heh.

Anyway, I always enjoy expressing myself through this sort of music and hope you enjoy it. I worked pretty hard on it, and am glad to have finally finished it. Enjoy! By the way, for those of you out there who support my music... thank you, thank you, and thank you. Knowing that people enjoy what I make really gives me this great feeling inside. The fact that people understand it is even more incredible. Love you guys <3. I am always up for chatting, so send me a PM and let's talk and stuff.




Its a very good track. The only problem is it seems your synths are generic and by that I mean sytrus. Don't get me wrong the melody is soothing but it needs more thrill. Possibly a kick, better base, either a better piano synth or a guitar synth to replace the main melody. I'm not big on ambient tracks so I could be wrong but this is just my personal opinion. Anyway good job and keep up the good work. 5/5 7/10 p.s. Im me if you need any help

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Lol, I don't know what sytrus is. I program my synths using a variety Of tools and GarageBand 08 effects. I did not use any presets whatsoever. I can show you the project file if you'd like.

Nice, but...

... I can only bring myself to like the 3:50 - 8:00 part. The rest of it is too quiet, too slow for my tastes. I know that you were trying to convey depression and such, but the aforementioned part is already pretty dark, like an rebellious struggle in a dystopian future. Makes me imagine a mixture of Doom with Half-Life and other dark games I have played.

All the rest is very grim-sounding and makes me imagine an empty landscape in some far-off planet. I suppose you have accomplished what you set out to do, express your depression in your music, but I don't want to be depressed so I don't like it! In fact I don't think I've ever experienced clinical depression. If it's as bad as your piece makes it to be, heavens save me if I ever do!


FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Well, I don't want to nescesarilly make others feel depressed... at least not for the entire song. I simply want people to feel a sort of unknown, distant calling from their subconscious. You would be surprised at what sort of new feelings can be created when you sit back and open up your mind a bit. Don't be afraid of the feelings, just let it all sink in. I think many people will stray away from these feelings, however, and start to think about the song on technical terms. Being depressed for me now is simply a calling to make more music and write. It is a feeling of isolation and dark structure, but I seem to have grown accustomed to it.

Unique, dark &amp; hypnotic, but waay too long.

Hmmm, this 1 is very hard to describe for me, which is surprizing given what a great artist u are. I think the main problem with this 1 was that it was just waaay too long. Some parts seem to drag on, so if u condensed it it would be awesome. I'd make the whole thing shorter, max of 10 mins, there are definitely some parts that go on too long & can be shortened.
Otherwise this is really effective ambient music. It actually gives of a slightly disturbed, unsettling, uneasy affect at some times but is hypnotic at other times. This is a very strange 1 but I really like this because of how unique & interesting it is in my opinion. Main feedback is to cut it shorter overall.
& THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE friendly PM's & I'm very glad that you appreciate my feedback to your songs. I love listening to music like yours, & i'm a VERY picky & VERY specific kind of music liker. I'm not HUGELY into music or ambience music yet I REALLY like your stuff.
CANT WAIT for your album to be done! :D

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

The length can be annoying for many, since it is hard to concentrate for such a long time on such a wide array of emotions, however I do not feel like decreasing the length of this at all because I planned it out based on how I felt. It is long because it takes that much time to represent the feelings I wanted to represent.

Also, it is the opening for a 10 song song album without pauses. The whole album is basically a one hour and twenty minute song, so the length wont be noticeable once put inside the album as a whole.

Thanks for the feedback man.

Alrighty here i be.

Your intro takes a little to long to come into play in my opinion. I also feel its a little to bassey (just how i feel though) its got a really cool element to it though i must say. Very ambient in the beginning. The song itself does transform and change flow wich is pretty nice making it not really all that repetitive and keeps me listening dispite how long it is. The lenght I Do feel is a huge issue to this song being 15 minutes is ehem...kinda long and most people WILL lose interest. So thats something you may want to work with on this for sure. However the song itself sounds as if it could be several songs compressed into one. Perhaps thats what you should do. Make it aproject on making this several seperate songs. =). Anyway just my opinion. All in all its a good listen just way to long.


FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Well, if you don't like ambient then this IS NOT the track for you obviously haha. For ambient lovers, however, I feel this can surle be an interesting and engulfing experience. Thanks for your comments. Sorry you didn't enjoy it / have the patience for it :p

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