Ironesque Valley

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Hey everyone, this track is a long one! It's pretty much the audio form of a short indie film. I would recommend downloading this track and listening to it on an mp3 player while walking around, at night if safe, for the beat experience. I completely understand that there will be people who do not wish to listen to a 16 minute ambient song, but rest assured THIS IS NOT REPETETIVE DRONE lol. It is a vivid soundscape, progressing into different tones and themes. Be patient, listen before bed, open your mind a bit, and try something different. ;)

I made this track to represent my thoughts while depressed. I was feeling almost "insane" for a while, driving for hours on end to try and calm my thoughts and place everything together. I would go for walks at night in the woods, watching trees pass by me. I would sit in my dorm and just stare at the ceiling. I couldn't possibly describe what emotions I felt during this depression, but after all of it was over I decided to try and convert it into music. I do this with most of my ambient tracks, and after five months of work I am finally done with this 16 minute opening to my upcoming progressive ambient album, "N".

I spent the majority of the five months it took to write this track piecing together my thoughts into what I thought would best express them. I don't expect everyone to like this track of course, because it is very experimental. I would absolutley, positivley, love to hear feedback on this track. If any imagery comes to mind, then please don't hold them back. By all means, feel free to expand your mind and, when ready, put on your headphones, open up a window, sit down, relax, go for a walk, or do whatever you feel will help you best engulf yourself in this track.

What this track actually "means" or "represents" is all up to you, the listener. It can be a relaxing track to help open up your mind, a track to help recover lost memories, background noise for a game, an interesting listen to break from "normal" music, or just a complete pile of crap because I know not everyone enjoys ambient, heh.

Anyway, I always enjoy expressing myself through this sort of music and hope you enjoy it. I worked pretty hard on it, and am glad to have finally finished it. Enjoy! By the way, for those of you out there who support my music... thank you, thank you, and thank you. Knowing that people enjoy what I make really gives me this great feeling inside. The fact that people understand it is even more incredible. Love you guys <3. I am always up for chatting, so send me a PM and let's talk and stuff.




When it starts out I just hear some wind as if a storm was approaching or low clouds or a plane were passing by. You look around the city and see most of the people have died due to the T-Virus spreading there. You hear coughing and other sounds there beginning to form each night. You notice them as moans and wonder if you may be next.

As the synth starts up it kind of begins to paint an even creepier atmosphere here when paired with the light sound of drums too. You wake up the next morning to see more people are dead or have tried to get away from the place in order to get away from the virus. You head to the local stores and notice some things are no longer in stock.

You pick up some guns and ammunition along with some new clothes. You feel slightly embarrassed as you put on some female clothing as they are the only things there big enough to old all the guns and ammo for you. You decide why not and go hunting for make up and what not too in case you got scars and such so you can cover them up.

As the background wind fades and the synth begins to pick up more with the bass and slight drum feel with a light buzzing sound you get more of a lonely feel to the town. You roam around and see many people either cowering fear and scared or being mauled by the zombies beginning to take over the city. You stay quiet for now in hopes that they won't hear you and come after you. You grab a pair of binoculars and see they have night vision on them as well.

You head to the local mall and go to the top scouring the city to see if there would be any escape points you could take. You notice the occasional zombie here or there at the mall parking lot and thankfully they do not look up to notice you there. You see a motorcycle in the parking lot that may have a full thing of gas in it. You decide that it would be your best chance of getting out alive.

You head down to it and break the neck of a couple of zombies trying to draw as little attention as possible to yourself. You start up the bike and see a few zombies run to you, you shoot them and ride off crying a bit as you exit the city knowing you have to leave what friends or dead friends now that you once had behind.

You go to a local gas station and thankfully there are no zombies there at all. You fill up the bike with fuel and begin to move on hoping that you encounter no problems along the way as well.

As the wind sound picks back up around 8:30 you look inside the station for food and eat what little food that hasn't been gotten yet and notice no one is in there anywhere and use the restroom as well. You head back out and can hear moans in the distance as you begin to see the zombies are going elsewhere looking for flesh to feast on mindlessly. You wonder if there is hope left for the world as you get on the bike and head onto somewhere new in hopes you can get some new clothes and possibly not run into any zombies as well.

You get near a new city and notice that there are no zombies there at all and notice someone has done been there and killed them all with headshots leaving you with no worries. You head to the local store and look for ammunition and whatever else you can stock up on. You look through the clothes and get nothing deciding that you have worn the one set of clothes so long that you have simply gotten used to wearing them.

You go back outside and see ominous looking clouds and still hearing moans, you decide that you need to keep moving. You get back on the bike with some new weapons and look around before deciding it times to leave the city and hope the next one might have survivors who won't try to kill you when you approach and offer them help like the last couple of towns have done to you. You look forward starting up the bike and move forward with your life knowing these may be your final days alive as you look for hope, food, shelter, and answers as to where this all began.

Overall, good piece I think for a zombie apocalypse styled movie, very dark atmosphere styled piece.

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I think the whole desolate isolation feel is a popular theme in this song. It would be interesting to see this used in a sort of isolated adventure film, yet the character is purposely isolating himself. It's like the character enjoys the isolation; enjoys that dark atmosphere. I appreciate the story! :)


I'm clueless when it comes to Ambient, even more so than other genres I never touch... I never understood the concept behind Ambient music, listening to most of it made me just think it's basically ambient noise in "song" form.

But this track made me realize something.. Ambient is an adventure through space and time. In particular, this track made me want to fly into outer space and go on an epic adventure with other sentient life in the universe.

Not very constructive, is it? Oh well, even if this track helped me understand what ambient is all about, I still know nothing about making it.
So instead, you get my random and largely useless praise.

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Your song, my review.

0:00-3:50ish, neat pads/sound scapes, samples used. I feel as if the clips of (unsure what it is) clicking/scraping could have been cut up and separated panning wise. Parts sounded smooth, others bit rougher, sounded like some granular editing/bit map editing took place. If so, kudos for delving into it. If not, well it sounds like it. I was fond of the hints of bird-eque nature sounds throughout. I found myself thinking a very sharp plucking ound could hit at an ymoment with a long trailing reverb, and fit in perfectly. I wasn' given that plenitude.

3:50 transition feels more like the swap over from one song to another then that of a coherent blend. One section fades out while the other fades in, and it isn't the smoothest of swap up. I think simply entertwiing the patterns more so and twining the fade in/out of the instruments to be a bit slower/individual from one another would make up for it.

One of your synths post 3:50 has a gritty edge to it, it sounds like a square wavey sound. Unsure if I like it, the high pitched arp has a bit of a tinny edge too.

4:30 roughly reminded me of Secede.

5:35 might be my headphones, but low ends are hardly present. The soft change in synth filters and compositional movements are nice. I feel things could sound fuller, but I'm kind of a turd-meister for always trying to buff things up in that reguard. Minimalisms not really a strenght of mine. :P I do feel however the arpping nature and continued playstyle alot of the instruments drone on a fair bit, that something that was more sporatic could give for a pleasant contrast that wasn't chosen by you.

7:05 your arpping main lead has a note that cuts like 1/16th of a note off. Its a bit of a hitch.

7:53 once more the transition from driving arps to sustained note feels a little too unbuilt up to for my liking. The following airy sounds after though work, its a smoother transition from held note to wind, then that of arps to sustained note. I don't know what to suggest other then simply a more layered approach to the transition. Say having a clone of the instrument playing a droned note slowly fade in, while the arps fade out, so it isn't purely a playstyle change, but one of volume/reverb drness or something else as well.

9:30 sounds like PWM / binaural beat modding, or intentional destructive harmonics. Its neat. I feel as if production wise the distorted shifting sound could be much more engaging if it had its higher frequencies reverberating or delayed so to fill up the high end a bit more.

10:40 bit crusher movement is evident, and has some clicking. It sounds like the steps of the automation can be heard, and the clicking sounds like the plugin doesn't support the automation. It sounds good admittedly, but it similarly to me sounds like some mistakes

11mins ish, I like the eerie ambiance an awful lot.

11:45 drop off is really nice a change from the elevating sound. I felt pacing wise there could be a bit of a gap after that of near silence before the introduction of the next section. This transition while I don't fully agree with the pacing/timing (given the last sentance), does maneuver much more smoothly.

13:40 there is a detuned sounding siren. Very nice. Alot of the sounds used throughout are very muffled, reverbated, obcured in some way. Long sustained, long to drone out. I really wish there were more sharp sounds that were in a psycho acoustical foreground, it would make the peice far more captivating I think.

15:38 vocal synthy blip is almost one of those sharper sounds I was hoping for.

Song ending as an individual piece is kind of weak, but given its ambient, they tend to be dependent on what follows after.


Work on transitions more. I know working on a long peice can often become cumbersome given the sheer girth, and to listen to and evaulate your own work becomes awfully difficult, but it is absolutely necessary. Not all transitions in this song were equally strong as they could have been, and I think for fulfilling a strong ambient peice, there needs to be a high level of attention focused on cohesion.

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

wow. That's the longest review I have ever seen, thanks a whole lot! Anyway, I'll try and cover everything you said in a short summary...

Basically, I see you looked into this track on an extreme technical level. The thing is, I purposely put in seemingly mistakingly created sounds on purpose. I personally find it to be as coherent as possible. Since it is a ambient / experimental track, I tried to stray away from normal expected structures and techniques. I also wanted it to sound fairly random at points, representing my bipolar attitude. This song eerily describes BPD, a chemical bipolar disorder I was diagnosed with earlier this year, in musical form. It is also a sort of journey track, telling a story depending on how the listener feels. Not everything is suppose to be perfectly pieced on a technical level. Although, spent the majority of the time mastering this track.

I really appreciate the review, and will certainly look into high pitched pings for distraction elements. I am trying to use only my ideas, however, and will therefore try to simply develop a more memorable and recognizable melody in my next track, although I purposely didn't include very many recognizable melodies in this song to replicate the deep and dark drone feeling of the ambient soundscape I was trying to create.

Thanks again!

Very good

Really good but i didn't like the part 3:45 to 6:06, it breaks the scary felling

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Hehe, I made that part to symbolize what I felt at a rave a few times actually. I will be on the dance floor, and all of a sudden everything just kind of dulls out and the bass begins to fade away into a low gargle as I sit on a bench at the back of the room, staring at my sweat drops as they fall to the floor. Long story short, I leave and begin to walk through the city. That is just one instance of what that more upbeat part represents, however. It means many things.

Slow start

Don't get me wrong, this is an awesome piece, but it took that long to get going, that I seriously thought I was falling asleep. You could save maybe 2 minutes in the early going and not a lot of the track would be lost.

The piece seems to be split into a few movements - I like that as well, as 2112, by Rush is the same. The one thing I would say to you on this is that the "breaks" just seem to drag on a little and it does detract from the whole image that the piece has.

I'm trying to picture what I might see in some sort of piece backed by this sort of ambience. The set of Logan's Run maybe, but without so much of a crowd. Perhaps an observation dome, where someone is gazing out into space, in search of inspiration, or a lost ship, approaching port.

I'd love to see someone with the balls to take this on, as you've given it the thought to make a piece like this and the only limitation I can see is that the size of the piece might mean that the movements have to be separated out, to give the piece a chance of some graphical accomplishment.

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Haha, I think that falling asleep thing is a good thing :P

I do understand how the size can be shortened or at least split into different tracks, but I feel that this track simply explains my entire depressional bipolar like attitude during my first semester in college. Simply put, I want to make this a musical form of fact, a history if you would, of my depression. I want to compose what I felt. Thanks for the review!

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