Ironesque Valley

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Hey everyone, this track is a long one! It's pretty much the audio form of a short indie film. I would recommend downloading this track and listening to it on an mp3 player while walking around, at night if safe, for the beat experience. I completely understand that there will be people who do not wish to listen to a 16 minute ambient song, but rest assured THIS IS NOT REPETETIVE DRONE lol. It is a vivid soundscape, progressing into different tones and themes. Be patient, listen before bed, open your mind a bit, and try something different. ;)

I made this track to represent my thoughts while depressed. I was feeling almost "insane" for a while, driving for hours on end to try and calm my thoughts and place everything together. I would go for walks at night in the woods, watching trees pass by me. I would sit in my dorm and just stare at the ceiling. I couldn't possibly describe what emotions I felt during this depression, but after all of it was over I decided to try and convert it into music. I do this with most of my ambient tracks, and after five months of work I am finally done with this 16 minute opening to my upcoming progressive ambient album, "N".

I spent the majority of the five months it took to write this track piecing together my thoughts into what I thought would best express them. I don't expect everyone to like this track of course, because it is very experimental. I would absolutley, positivley, love to hear feedback on this track. If any imagery comes to mind, then please don't hold them back. By all means, feel free to expand your mind and, when ready, put on your headphones, open up a window, sit down, relax, go for a walk, or do whatever you feel will help you best engulf yourself in this track.

What this track actually "means" or "represents" is all up to you, the listener. It can be a relaxing track to help open up your mind, a track to help recover lost memories, background noise for a game, an interesting listen to break from "normal" music, or just a complete pile of crap because I know not everyone enjoys ambient, heh.

Anyway, I always enjoy expressing myself through this sort of music and hope you enjoy it. I worked pretty hard on it, and am glad to have finally finished it. Enjoy! By the way, for those of you out there who support my music... thank you, thank you, and thank you. Knowing that people enjoy what I make really gives me this great feeling inside. The fact that people understand it is even more incredible. Love you guys <3. I am always up for chatting, so send me a PM and let's talk and stuff.




This is one the best ambient tracks I've listened to in a while, and I truly mean that. I have so much I could say about this wonderful piece of music, but I'll keep it simple.
When it comes to the imagery that I see, it's all very surreal, but it has somewhat of a somber mood to it at the start of the track, then it changes to something more bright, then it fades back to something dark and dreary.
All I can really say, is that all your hard work paid off; you did an excellent job on this and I'm sure many others agree with me! :)

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I really wanted to try and create a surreal track that would allow people to open up their minds and think a bit, revealing past, distant memories that were stuck inside the subconcious. I wanted to allow people to think of vivid imagery, while mediating on certain key emotions that came to mind. Most of all, I wanted people to enjoy my expressions.

Thanks for listening, and I am glad you enjoyed it!

It's aptly named and beaufitully done...

This is a track ripe with feeling and emotion from beginning to end. All 16 minutes felt like a trip through a desolate city wrecked from war and poverty on the low than transcends to the top where the chaos and disease of below are nothing but an afterthought. I admit it was a bit out of place with the flow of the rest of the track, but even in times of depression, you tend to disguise yourself from others so no one ever assumes you have a problem and you can go on without their pity. Sort of how those that live at the top just push aside the thoughts of the lowly and broken down below so they can go on with their comfortable lives. But pretending it's not there doesn't mean it will go away. You build upon the ashes of once was and sooner or later, the gilded lie you've come to accept as reality will come crumbling down when the dead and decayed can no longer go on supporting the lavish. Eventually worlds collide, and the end result could be catastrophic or life-changing. But both are two sides to the same coin...

That was what it felt to me. Definitely fits with the depressed mood this track was based from and emanates. It's rare that you have an ambient track with a length of more than 6 minutes still have the listening value at the end as it did at the beginning, but you seem to have figured out the formula. This is beautiful work and I'm leaning towards supporting such a talented artist and buying a copy of your CD. Keep us informed of its release date and I'll be sure to try and send some dollars your way. Keep up the excellent work and thanks for sending me on quite the journey.

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:


Comments like these really do touch my heart. I create this music to express myself. When others understand it, enjoy it, and can feel from it, I know that I have accomplished something. To be called "talented" is an extreme term that is truly cherished by those who have the honor of being called it. I will gladly send a physical edition of the album your way when the album is out. It would be a honor to have such a great appreciator of my music buy it. I can't wait to complete the album. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

The imagery that came to your mind is similar to the strange, almost unidentifiable thoughts that came to mind when creating it. I love to read the vivd imagery that others think of. It's all about perspective, and everyone has a different perspective on what this track means.

Thanks for listening.

Your mind is.....

A vast and desolate desert with a hint of melancholy. The lurid, baron landscape of another world yet to be terraformed. I see Blade Runner, A Clockwork Orange and many other great movies this could of been composed for. An amazing piece of work Vangelis would be proud of. This composition should be used and will be used for a movie. Great work Nick and look forward to your album "N".

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Clockwork Orange is a brilliant masterpiece. I always think to myself if I will ever compare to such a wonderful creation, but hey maybe one of these days lol. Who is Vangelis? I will check him out. Thanks marky for the comments :)

I will take a look at your new piano tunes.

Very good

Really good but i didn't like the part 3:45 to 6:06, it breaks the scary felling

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Hehe, I made that part to symbolize what I felt at a rave a few times actually. I will be on the dance floor, and all of a sudden everything just kind of dulls out and the bass begins to fade away into a low gargle as I sit on a bench at the back of the room, staring at my sweat drops as they fall to the floor. Long story short, I leave and begin to walk through the city. That is just one instance of what that more upbeat part represents, however. It means many things.


It's very relaxing. I had to turn the volume WAY up to hear it but that's ok. This track really reminds me of all the mood setting music I've heard over the years. It reminds me of Minecraft, Endeavor, The Paladin, Epic Battle Fantasy 3, that Ether something shooter game I played a few years ago, Lightbot, Resident Evil 4, Ico, silent hill, and many other things. This track is quite varied. I'm glad you told me about this song.

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Many people have suggested that this track reminds them of games such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Half-Life. Perhaps I will compose ambience for games some day over the rainbow... thatd be pretty sweet. Yes, it is a quiet track, but most ambient music is. Turn up the volume just a bit, close your eyes, and feel the music.

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