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Ironesque Valley

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Hey everyone, this track is a long one! It's pretty much the audio form of a short indie film. I would recommend downloading this track and listening to it on an mp3 player while walking around, at night if safe, for the beat experience. I completely understand that there will be people who do not wish to listen to a 16 minute ambient song, but rest assured THIS IS NOT REPETETIVE DRONE lol. It is a vivid soundscape, progressing into different tones and themes. Be patient, listen before bed, open your mind a bit, and try something different. ;)

I made this track to represent my thoughts while depressed. I was feeling almost "insane" for a while, driving for hours on end to try and calm my thoughts and place everything together. I would go for walks at night in the woods, watching trees pass by me. I would sit in my dorm and just stare at the ceiling. I couldn't possibly describe what emotions I felt during this depression, but after all of it was over I decided to try and convert it into music. I do this with most of my ambient tracks, and after five months of work I am finally done with this 16 minute opening to my upcoming progressive ambient album, "N".

I spent the majority of the five months it took to write this track piecing together my thoughts into what I thought would best express them. I don't expect everyone to like this track of course, because it is very experimental. I would absolutley, positivley, love to hear feedback on this track. If any imagery comes to mind, then please don't hold them back. By all means, feel free to expand your mind and, when ready, put on your headphones, open up a window, sit down, relax, go for a walk, or do whatever you feel will help you best engulf yourself in this track.

What this track actually "means" or "represents" is all up to you, the listener. It can be a relaxing track to help open up your mind, a track to help recover lost memories, background noise for a game, an interesting listen to break from "normal" music, or just a complete pile of crap because I know not everyone enjoys ambient, heh.

Anyway, I always enjoy expressing myself through this sort of music and hope you enjoy it. I worked pretty hard on it, and am glad to have finally finished it. Enjoy! By the way, for those of you out there who support my music... thank you, thank you, and thank you. Knowing that people enjoy what I make really gives me this great feeling inside. The fact that people understand it is even more incredible. Love you guys <3. I am always up for chatting, so send me a PM and let's talk and stuff.




I'm clueless when it comes to Ambient, even more so than other genres I never touch... I never understood the concept behind Ambient music, listening to most of it made me just think it's basically ambient noise in "song" form.

But this track made me realize something.. Ambient is an adventure through space and time. In particular, this track made me want to fly into outer space and go on an epic adventure with other sentient life in the universe.

Not very constructive, is it? Oh well, even if this track helped me understand what ambient is all about, I still know nothing about making it.
So instead, you get my random and largely useless praise.

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Such a Surreal Mixture of Moods...

I have to say that this track (despite its length) has such nice elements to it. The first I want to acknowledge is each section of the song; first it starts off with the darkness feel. Then it flows into a breakage from the dark and has a mood of the manifestation of light. Afterwards, it kinda has a "hopeful" tune to it. Something out of video game; specifically with RPGs. From 8:08 and on, things seem somewhat suspenseful, empty, like your looking beyond and can find nothing one searching for. An earlier review has a better description of this area (Nightfang128).

Overall, excellent work on this track. I surely will be adding it to my library of Newgrounds music! Keep up the skills man!

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Woohoo im on somebodies playlist! :P

Thanks for the review!

another awsome job dawg

this is a great piece of work, i like to listen to this with the lights off. this makes me think of bein out in space. a vast emptiness of nothing. it really gets you thinkin, im not great at sayin what i picture when i listen to it. but it does remind me of space like a destroyed place with no life and your the only one there looking for some one but finding no one. i love it man keep up the great works

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Awesome! Im glad you enjoyed it man. My entire album is going to sound a lot like space ;)

Love it.

Great stuff man, as per usual. I guess you really decided to go the way of Godspeed by making it long? :p

Also, I apologize for the late review. I haven't been on Newgrounds in ages.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

No need for an apologies! :D

I have never actually listened to Godspeed, but I assume they make long tracks?

Gah! 2 months late on reviewing, sorry!

Sorry, I just noticed I got your message. But I noticed at a good time because it happened to catch me when I was writing, so I'm in the mood for a visual piece and writing a story. Hope you're ready for a long review.

It made me think of traveling going to place to place.
The beginning felt like pure darkness with me stumbling around, unsure of myself. A little lost and just emerging.
Then has I got out I found myself and a bleak empty place. Not dark, just empty. And just starting to understand the world around me. Just walking endlessly, few things scattered in-between. Like a desert but cold and lifeless.
Then back into darkness almost like a cave, getting lost a little but seeing a soft light at the other side.
Then I emerge to something beautiful. A forest. A quiet forest but beautiful nonetheless. With curious eyes of animals looking at me, I start running through the forest happily, feeling free and feeling the wind against my face.
Then I emerge from the forest to see a busy city in the distance, bright and bustling. I approach cautiously out of the forest, walking a slowly to the outskirts of the city, confused by the technology. It seems scary and exciting. I grow curious and enter the city.
At first I'm wary of the technology and don't understand. Then I accept it and get accustomed to city life, living there. Walking through the streets and stores, mastering the devices. Its great, and I'm happy. Then it starts going down, like a cataclysm. Like a war.
The war got bad, there's nothing left. I'm standing in a vast empty field, alone, scared, confused. I find my way back to the city. Everything broken, lights flashing from broken billboards and streetlamps, collapsed buildings, the technology all broken and useless. I wander aimlessly throughout the city, meeting no one, all alone. Until I reach the outskirts again.
I'm back in the forest, it looks dead and lifeless. The trees thin and black, the canopy a thin layer of dead branches. As I walk I see bones from corpses around the floor, it's like a nightmare, turning pleasant memories into to something dark and twisted. I eventually find my way back to the cave.
I walk through the cave- staggering along, tired and numb to the world. I don't make it out of the cave, I decide to stay there. It's dark and calm and I don't want to go outside, scared to see messed up world. Then I close my eyes and sleep, never to awaken.
It was an excellent song, you could really sense the emotion in it and could tell it was deep and had meaning. It's a little too dark for me to listen to casually. But a great song nevertheless. A great song for writing exercises, it really makes your mind paint a picture. I'll have to check out some of your other stuff, and if there's any other song you want me to review or visualize just send me a message. I'll be happy to listen to it :D

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FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Thanks a lot for your detailed comments and imagery. It is refreshing to hear such vivd thoughts. You know what's awesome is that the whole "cave" idea is exactly what I had in mind. In fact, the song right after this is about a man who searches for love inside a giant cave, slowly dying of hunger, thirst, and insanity. In the end he ends up finding a centipede and it "kisses" (bites) him. He ends up dying. I appreciate your support and comments man! I don't expect these songs to be a casual listen or anything since they are very emotional tracks, but I certainly hope people can take some time to open up their mind every once in a while and let these tracks fill their minds with deep thoughts.

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Aug 24, 2011
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