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[dB] Sleepwalker

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Author Comments

I made this not too long ago - I'm actually quite proud of it. It's nothing too special but meh.

So anyway - some cinematic-ish drum n' bass ;; If maybe a rapper would want to do something over this, that'd be nice too. Just make sure you have a good microphone :P


This is a difficult one...

Well, I'm really torn about this. I've given you a seven, but I could have easily brought it down to a six for various reasons. Allow me to explain:

The song starts great; interesting choice of instrument, great sound quality, and a solid mix. The drums are crisp and clear, nothing distorts. I was sat thinking "Okay, I'm looking forward to this one, I can get into this."
Then nothing. You automate a nice breakbeat, which doesn't kick in quite how I would have expected, or liked, but it gets there eventually, which is what counts.
But it only lasts very briefly. I was expecting a fast paced tune with good progression, nice variation in the drums, and great sound, but I was only presented with that once, for a very brief instance.

I say brief, because once the song drops, it's only a few bars until you introduce another synth. Adding more layers and synths isn't a problem, but they smother the whole track for the short section they play. Their levels needed to be brought down to fit the mix better. It was like stubbing my toe because it was so quick and sudden.

The track then gradually reduces, and for the remainder of the song, I felt like I was just waiting for the next drop, or for something to happen, or some kind of climax. When it doesn't come, I just feel sort of disappointed.

The mix itself isn't too bad. There's a few spikes in the levels when certain sounds are introduced as I just mentioned, but overall, everything has it's own space, is audible, and sounds very crisp.

Like I said, this is a tricky one. There's instances of brilliance, and great potential, but then I just feel like it never really picks up. It doesn't hit full speed, and for the brief instance where it's on the verge of being brilliant, it's ruined by an overbearing synth and bass-line.

Good job, but maybe it just wasn't for me.

Also, nineteen seconds of space at the end of the track. What's up with that?

Decibel responds:

I expected the reviews to be more harsh when I saw a 7. But that was extremely helpful :) Thanks for the in-depth observations and tips mate.

I don't have access to a computer at the moment - but I'll be sure to check those insights out when I do.

Thanks for the review again ;)

:D :D :D

I always enjoy a good DnB song especially with the percussion capabilities of yourself. Seriously, I think you should just write DnB, because out of the three songs that I reviewed of yours, this one is clearly the best.

There's not much to address in this song, but I do have a couple things to say:

-Bass: the bass isn't as strong as I would expect from a DnB. I find that most of the dominance comes from the higher frequency leads that are playing. However, the absence of bass did not detract from the overall awesomeness of the song. However, I do think that the song could have been even better with bass. Just something to keep in mind if you do decide to write more DnB.

-Conclusion: I didn't understand the conclusion that you wrote very well. I was kind of expecting some massive buildup and epic percussion slaughter than would explode into some dramatic conclusion. Needless to say, I was let down a little. A song as awesome as this needs to end with a bang!

Overall, the song makes me think of gansta pirates for some reason....haha good work. I encourage you to try writing more DnB in the future!

Decibel responds:

a 10. Kewl.

I'm definitely making more DnB in the future ;D

thanks again for the 10 ;D


Absolutely amazing intro.

I really liked your use of the accordion, and I wish you'd varied it a bit more and incorporated it more into the track. This sounds more like a WIP. It's very repetitive as is, but the beat and accordion combination is sweet!

I really liked the part at the one minute mark, but once it had finished, it all seemed to return to a very unvaried style with little variation.

Variation is my main issue, maybe some more backing synths to go with the accordion as well.

Review Request Club

Decibel responds:

It's a pretty sexy intro.

Heh, thanks for the review mate ;)

Comical Ideas

i absolutely love how you used the accordion because,the title and the instrumentation makes me feel like the story behind this is about someone who is a chronic sleepwalker. i enjoy the the rhythmic tone you gave the song as well,and the drums,although repeated at some points,sound good.the structure and such are extremely well built.

i dont like how there isn't really much of a change throughout the track,BUT seeing as this is hip hop,i just thought i'd say to mix it up a bit,people who may rap over your tracks may never see it coming.

overall,well done,i want to hear more but i never have time to go in depth on artists and their tracks.

Review Request Club

Decibel responds:

Cool - Thanks for the observations :)

This is pretty dope!

I love the drum loops used in this one, and that accordion sample lead thing is sick.
The breaks in this sound great also, I loved the clarity of the samples.
The mastering was a big plus in this one as well (very nice work).

Couple things bugged me though
- A lot of this song sounded (Loopy)
- The lead samples that come in at about 1:00 sound really muddy and spread out.

Great work nonetheless!
~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

Decibel responds:

Thanks for the awesome review! :)

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4.20 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2011
3:49 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
7.6 MB
3 min 19 sec

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