Twins of Duality-<(FTA-Remix)>

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Hear the original version of HFX's song here!: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/236025

A lot of work, little mastering, very busy. A few seconds before the due time....*ding*!
---------------------*pos t-upload trauma in 3...2...*----------08/21/

Well, here it is fellow NG Audio Portal listeners/artists! My first foray into a Newgrounds Audio Contest.

I pray that my first will not be my worst... I misread the contest itinerary as saying that the submissions were due on the 23rd, when in fact it was the top 8 that would be announced on that day!

I just realized that, on the DUE DATE!

Anyway, apparently this remix, let alone, this song could've been better, much better if I managed my time more.

I decided to do my own mastering by hand instead of using one of GarageBand's pre-made mastering settings. I'm starting to regret doing that now, because everyone now has to crank the volume to 12 to hear a decent amount of what I did (my apologies).

This is as complete as I can make it now.

I'm a big fan of HalcyonicFalconX's work (then again who isn't?>_>) , and I decided I would remix one of her songs. There were a handful of songs I could've chose from, and I decided to challenge myself by choosing Twins of Duality. What a song! I totally had the "Go Big or Go Home" attitude going on, when I chose to remix this one.

The real challenge even before mastering (if we could even CALL it that), was synching the audio of the original song (in sampled form) with my instruments. I could never really nail home a solid tempo, so I went with what was the closest that sounded good enough.

One thing you may note already is that this is a symphonic remix, that could almost be considered a cover, but I have samples of the original in it.

I worked myself sick on this song. I doubt the officials like Chronamut, will delay for one more day. I actually feel shame from submitting this. A lot of ppl I know in IRL were counting on hearing this remix before it even got to NG, but the final copy never got to them.

I did do have some collab/advice from a cousin of mine for the song, mainly the inclusion of the piccolo flute and doing that horn thing @ 2:09.

I'm a complete n00bie to remixes, so a little cut of slack would be nice. I haven't done anything like this. Ever.

I'm somewhat expecting a long winded "Mr. Madison..." wrong lecture from the judges that'll be hearing this song.

Long story short: I kept my word, the song is here to stay...for the contest, and thanks to all that believed in me for making this.

FTA's Remix Ingredients:
-Orchestra Timpani
-Twins of Duality
-Orchestra Trumpet Section
-Hollywood Strings
-Orchestra Tubular Bells
-Orchestra Percussion Kit
-AMG MTron Mix Choir
-Orchestra Steinway Piano
-Xtra Timpani Tremolo
-Orchestra French Horn
-Orchestra Oboe
-Orchestra Harp
-Orchestra Piccolo Flute
-Orchestra Coratles
-Classical Acoustic
and...FTA's signature mix of echo 'n' reverb

Thanks for listening! Your criticism be it constructive or no, is greatly appreciated. Thinking like the late great Shinya Nishigaki: if one person likes this, then it's a success to me.


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Excellent and epically arranged.

You had a great trumpet opener which flowed into the Twins of Duality low piano beat. Also, I don't know if it was intentional (if so, truly excellent), but did I hear some bell tolling from HFX's Organ Jaws?

As SCTE3 mentioned, upon hearing this, it does sound like something that would be in an epic last boss fight. Especially so with the lead up at about 1:50, heading into the trumpets at 2:10, and ending with your voice-in.

At 2:50 (something I completely missed the first and second time I listened) was your own take on the high piano part from the second aspect of the original song. I also liked, how, at 4:14 you stopped the main part of Twins of Duality to add in, effectively, your own piece of work. This was well done and seems to fit the placement very well (again going back to the epic fight aspect of it being finished and heading towards the credits)

Finally, at the very end of the song, upon going back to the Twins of Duality piano opener.... it made my jaw drop because of how unexpected and masterfully done it was. Again going back to the epic boss fight.... it leaves a little bit of a door open to the listener to imagine that, just maybe, this isn't the last fight after all.

And lastly, some criticism... at 3:39, you softened the main theme from Twins of Duality and had other incidentals going on in, supposedly, the background. I think that if you would have softened the main theme a little more and also increased the incidentals, there would have been a bigger impact. Especially so heading into the piccolo part at 4:04 and your own piece as I've already mentioned above.

FaeryTaleAdventurer responds:

Wow! What a review! Thanks so much for it.

I'm quite content with the flow in of the original opening with my intro, and like how it took off. The bells you hear aren't from the Organ Jaws track, but are indeed synth bells that I myself recorded into this mix.

I do imagine that like SCTE3 was saying, to perhaps even a more incredible degree is to have the twin hydra boss (for which the original song refers to) have a new battle in an Epic Battle Fantasy revue game. For now i'm already satisfied knowing this remix is making its way into an EBF fan collaboration disc.

I do like to surprise myself on occasion, and I really did want to throw as much of a unique spin on this remix as I could think of.

As for 3:39, I concur completely that the main theme should have been softer. I never really thought about working with volume automatons of tracks like the main theme one at the time, but am learning something new all the time. Thanks for that tip!

Once again, thanks so much for your review.


Chill Orchestral?

The subtle instrumentation, and chill beats really made this song.
I really loved all of the orchestral samples, percussion, and oh man was that mastering superb :).
Out of everything here I think I loved the nylon string guitar part the most, very chill, and masterfully put together!

This song is pretty intense and I don't know if there is anything that I would change about it to be honest with you. This is really top notch work, and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future :D.

~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

FaeryTaleAdventurer responds:

Thank you for your reviewing, XsakuX!

It's good to know that I have done a fine job of doing a symphonic remix of HFXs song. TBH, the classical guitar part is one of my personal favs of the whole song too! I play some classical guitar IRL, and perhaps would've loved to add even more at the end, if I had enough time (was literally on my mind in the last few hours I had to make the song). I kind of thought of giving the ending a quiet ,somewhat lively, "credits roll" feel, and I guess that I've delivered!

I guess I also do have a knack for bringing chill and relaxation to a great number of my works; it's perhaps a subtle mission in me to give some therapeutic value to my works, incidental or no. :-D

Again, thank you very much for answering my review request, XsakuX!



Sounds like it would be the song playing for one last epic showdown against some kind of super boss where you need to use everything you have to try winning this battle as well. The song sounds really cool and very enjoyable as well to me. I like how you did this one.

The orchestra provides an awesome emotional tug to the song giving a feel that you can win or lose this one. The drums feel really good and have a smooth rhythm. The bass line here is very nice and classy. I like the xylophone giving a whimsical light feel to the song as well.

The piano sounds really nice here and quite hope fulfilling. I like when the drums start to sound like they are snapping for a bit as well. The trumpets later in give a dynamic feel that this is it.

The voice was also nice.

Overall, great classical piece.

Review Request Club

FaeryTaleAdventurer responds:

Thank you for your review, SCTE3!

Funny you mention "epic battle"; this song is a remix of a tune heard in Epic Battle Fantasy II. I did actually think this song could perhaps function as a reprise/revue of another encounter with the two-headed hydra skeleton boss, in a future sequel of Epic Battle Fantasy.

In my heart, classical was the best way I could think of embellishing the original tune, though the original was a mix of hip-hop and classical genres. So I guess I just tried to strengthen the symphonic side of the song, and have some fun with it.

Actually, the "xylophone" you were hearing, was perhaps the croatles (assuming we're talking about 1:32-1:56). Also, if we're talking about the voice clip @ 2:23 sounding nice, thank you! I wondered whether or not to record my voice at that point, thinking it might be a bit [too] random, but I kept it, and I feel that its likable. Personally, it was a play on HFX's use of a similar voice clip in one of her latest songs.

Again, thanks for fulfilling my review request SCTE3, it was greatly appreciated!


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