Carol of the Bells Remix

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One of my more popular songs among listeners =]. ambient/trance remix to the xmas song

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Take it all in....

ok...at first i was all like Hell yeah, but then you moved into the song too fast, you need to work on your buildup...DON'T GET ME WRONG...this is an exelant song. seriously, a great song, you obviously put a lot of effort into it..

now then, the second synth sound u used sounded a little to flat, think about raising up the eq at around the 4 to about 20 Khz,i think that would really improve its sound.

you really have potential to remix this song into a 5.

the beats throughout the song...great change nothing with them, except towatds the end, the snare needs eq turned up about 4 id say in the 4-20Khz range.

damn...i am runng out of room...ok then here... overall, change the sounf of the snare, go longer and more indepth with each "section of the song" and lastly choose a differet saw wave for the second one...(the one right after the intro)... overall not a bad song, you obviously worked hard on this i can tell... go to my page to here what i am talking about on the whole snare thing and clarity issue.

keep at it, you can only improve...o am glad you chose a classical song to remix...especially my favorite one...definitly take into consideration all of everyones constructive critisism...and remix it, i would really like to hear it improved, it has much potential...but good job overall man.

I'd give it a 6.7, rounds up to 7

Your either late or early.. But ohs well...

I don't know what synth you used for the main melody in the beginning, but I can tell you this... I didn't like the 2nd synth that much, but I found it bearable. I loved the random noise in the beginning... What I expected was a DnB song after hearing everything in the opening statement... Instead, I sort of got more of a Misc song, instead of techno... Sure it had Techno songs, but when productions like these get changed quickly into different sounds, it actually belongs more in the misc section.

But putting that aside, there were ups and owns to the whole song. It's change from different styles of sounds goes to quick... Too quick to actually find it likeable if it kept giving a listener no reason to accept a sound and listen in while it amazes you, instead it switches gear and goes into a different realm.

I'd say the best part was the beginning, because not only did you make the song start to sound more of a DnB song, but you also made it sound like Silent Hill... My advice is to actually stick with ONE subject, and not tackle 3 different ones at a time.

You should redo it all, keep the beginning and evolve it into a DnB song.. but you have to make sure you let the audience get into it... Right before the 2nd synth comes in after the bang, you should have a pad/sphere take over and then build the melody and the drums in together... With a pretty stand out bassline.

The only thing I can give you props outside of the beginning is the chimes that were near the end... They were a bit loud, but they were def creative and have potential. That piano at the end also had some potential, possibly because the original had one in it... But seriously, don't be afraid to try something new, but keep it believable also... If it's not believable, then why bother?

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Feb 26, 2006
3:15 AM EST
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