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+"Detective Rythim Man"+

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Author Comments

I just think crime scenes and detective work is cool. So what if Rythim Man knows nothing about detective work, he's the hero so he'll always catch his man!


Uttterly amazing

This is absolutely brilliant for theme song and is exactly what I need


Someone else who knows of Case Closed! Anyway ToriChan nailed it. Maybe someone could use this....

You are guilty!

You are guilty and I can prove it! "Because the truth is only one!" *imitating Detective Conan, aka Case Closed*
I loved this song! *-*
It's perfect for sceenes when the detective says who's guilty and why! =D~~
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You deserve it ^-^


This realy makes me feel like I'm watching one of those black&white detective films. Your work just blows me away! Hope it keeps on geting better if it can become anymore awsome before it crashes my computer! LOL keep the great work coming.

"Rythim man: P.I.!" lol

Very Detective-esque, spot on!
ARRRGH! All i can think of is that stupid "team chaotix" from sonic heroes! Maybe if team Chaotix got a satarday afternoon detective show...

But this is the Rythim Mans theme! Excelent use of instruments (even though i swore i herd a woo...)

Keep it up!

Rythim-Man responds:

How dare you compare Detective Rythim Man to team chaotix!!....but yes, niether of them are real detectives -_-. Rythim Man is so looked up to though, they don't really think he looks stupid walking around with Detective clothes and a magnifieing glass. Oddly, he's always right (which is strange taking into consideration he never finds any clues). But I suppose the hero should be right I guess. He's really just a goof with good luck though.
Oh, I feel like writing the story of Rythim Man so it can become a flash ^_^, then you'll get what all this means.

Ya, with my program, when I mix sounds together they sometimes sound like a completely different instrument, so that woo was probably the piano mixed with the saxaphone. I don't do woos anymore, except in light rock when I can't find a real singer.

Why do you people say my stuff sounds like Satarday morning and satarday afternoon shows?!?! I don't even watch TV on saturday. Maybe it's my sound font. It's probabyl the drums... my drums are the same in almost every song if you haven't notice. I just change it a lil' each time. UUGH, I just realized...the story of Rythim Man would be like episodes on saturday morning shows -.-

*slaps self in face*

Keep on keepin' on!

*keeps on keepin' on slappin' himself in the face*

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Feb 25, 2006
5:28 PM EST
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