Spiritual Vibe 1-3(ShortStory)

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Part I

0:00 to 0:24
The colors were dancing around me with morphing shapes that would leave any man speechless. I looked at those long enough to find familiar shapes, as some of us do while watching clouds. Strangely, the shapes would now take forms that are igniting some emotions inside me similarly to some meaningful photos.

0:25 to 1:05
I couldn't tell if the shapes were the mirror of my emotions inside me or if I was the mirror reacting to the shapes... All I knew is that I had to find out. Am I the one shaping the environment or the environment shaping me? I walked away from the window. I walked in circles, like a fish in a fish bowl, in the small room the space shuttle had to offer me. May be the answer is above those two possibilities. After all, there is rarely one solution, but multiples solutions that fit. No, the problem resides in the question itself. Is it necessary that one is reacting to the other? May be we are resonating together like if we were two particles on a string of a guitar. What if there were multiple strings chanting together never touching each other?

1:06 to 1:26
As I wondered, some inaudible whispers inside me talked to me as if it was sending me a clue that I was on the right track. I closed my eyes and let it talk louder to me. It was strange at first, since I am a scientist and I would usually ignore this silly stuff. However I had changed attitude recently, but couldn't recall the event that made change my mind.

1:27 to 1:56
Everything slowly faded away into what I could describe as some swirls and mist. Then something occurred inside my head I just realized that I had no idea how I got in this ship and the fact that I can't recall what I did recently aside the twisted emotions that I had. Everything seems to point out that I'm in a crazy dream. Boy what a dream it is. However, I was not fully satisfied with this answer and was hoping to see some well hidden hints that would show more than this dull answer. No everything seems so real... It just... can't be...

Part II

1:57 to 2:20
My heart beat raised proportionally to the excitement I had to see what was behind nature's curtain. As the mist disappeared, a clear voice called me : ''Where do you think you are?''. Not only had it surprised me to hear another person in this deserted ship, but the fact that the question was at the heart of the problem just blew me. I responded: ''Where I am? This knowledge is not important until I can't answer why I am here.'' I was impressed by what I just said, like when you look at your creation and you can't really assimilate the fact that you are the creator behind this.

2:21 to 2:29
''Why you are here? I can't tell you....yet'' said the voice

2:30 to 3:04
''You see, good and evil are two forces working in opposite direction to make things move. The key is to have those forces equal to find a harmony. Everything is dynamic and related. By moving at great speed you can create the illusion of occupying more space. Therefore, the greater the forces are, the greater is the dynamic and thus the illusion of expansion is made. A tiny dot, such as the Earth may well be responsible for the expansion of the Universe C.'' said the voice

3:05 to 3:26
I couldn't listen anymore, my curiosity was itching badly. ''The Universe C, you mean there are more of them?'' While asking this question I used all of my 5 senses to find the provenance of the voice. All I could see is some bright yellow bird diving into my head and some red ones coming out. ''Open your third eye, if you want to take a look at me'' said the voice. I didn't even have to ask how to perform this feat that my third eye was wide opened, however I could barely see because there was so hair in front of it. It seems that my third eye was located at the back of my head at the level of my forehead.

Part III

3:27 to 3:49
no more characters in allowed :( see http://thebluedie.blogspo t.com/2011/07/anwsering-n ext-dimensions-call.html or wait for the next submission


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