_-=[Claiming the Heavens]=-_

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I think its my most depressing piece to date...


[insert words of praise here]

[insert elaboration on aforesaid words here]

lol. I'm too lazy to say the same thing over and over. This is amazing. It really is.

I don't know how old you are, or what you plan on doing when you get out there (assuming you are in high school/college), but I really think you should make a career out of composing. It makes peanuts, though...lol.

You'd be an asset to society. I'm serious. lol.

MaestroSorrow responds:

Hey Harddrive100! I'm glad you didn't disappear. I was beginning to get slightly afraid you had completely disappeared ^^. Thank you for leaving a review, it means a good deal to me.

I don't know if you want to keep making music, but even if you don't, I wish the best for you ^^.

Many thanks again for the review.

As for what I plan to do, if Assassin fills up, I'll look into this field ;).

the great maestrosorrow

How are your instruments so clean?! and not sound like little electric pieces of shit?? do you use reason?? where do you get these instruments?!!??!?!

MaestroSorrow responds:

you're one to talk, GIVE ME THAT PIANO SOUND >_<!

Heh, I use VST plug-in's, which are usually professionals sampling and building programs for really high quality sounds like this.

I personally use Edirol Orchestral, for ALL of my tracks.

Many thanks for the review ^^.


im using headphones and its hard to tell if the beginning was an oboe, a clarinet, or a voice......shitty ass headphones. im pretty sure it was an oboe.

-some of the chords in here almost made it have an uplifting effect.
-awesome piano all the way through
-i dont know but it seemed like it just droned on at parts.
-good job

MaestroSorrow responds:

heh, yup Oboe.

I can see what you mean by droned on at parts, if I am not mistaken, you might have meant near the ending, where it became a bit repetitive? If not, heh, i'm alawys open to emails, do throw one my way at any time if you want.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, many thanks for the review ^^.


why arent you making your own albums?
you'd be a billionair or something like that

MaestroSorrow responds:

I want to share these pieces with NG. I hope people will find it useful, and are entertained by them.

Maybe, one day I will try to make a living off it, but for now, for the people ^^.

Many thanks for the review.

Stop doing so well!!!

Lol, just kidding...

Originality: A typical medival sound, but it's beefed up in the sense that it can really speak a story. More than one story comes to mind, but only with much thought. The first story that pops into mind would be that of a knight that lost his friend in battle, yet all his still within him, he lacks a sense of revenge. This is pretty cool.

Diversity: Could be changed around a little more, but with all the instuments going on, it's almost un-noticable. It flows so well, and there is lots of voice to it, with one instrument calling to another.

Clarity: Greatness, except for a certain part in your piece where a bass instrument (or part) seemes to drown out the melody. Otherwise, it's cool.

Effort: Yes!

Overall: Great job, this is a classic, in genre and in sound. Hope to see more from you : )

MaestroSorrow responds:

I have several more samples, filtering through my little mind, but I have to finish this up first ^^. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Many thanks for the review.

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Feb 24, 2006
6:53 PM EST
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