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Suicide Rescue

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Author Comments

This is more something i composed for a story i had in mind, i get ispired and make the soundtrack to that part, lol.
It's the year 2050 and the world's at war with the robots produced by manknds own hands ( saw i robot? know asimov? ). Humanity is losing ground and decided to evacuate the cities they gonna lose. Special Marine teams are send to get civilians outa there, mostly important people.
Almost all dropships that have survived are compleatly overweighted and those who aren't had to run cause there are only 10 mins countdown left till the bomb explodes ( might guess nuclear if it's american style!)
One of the returning squads in air is returning to base hearing the comunications of some ground squads who are still trying to get out.
Captain Jazz Grey - fighter pilot
Lieutenant Kim Hunter - dropship pilot
Seargent Jake Hunter - in command of one ground marine squad (Kim's brother )
incoming communication with shots and explosions in background " here's seargent Hunter.. We got some wounded civilians and the senator.. trying to reach checkpoint Bravo! "
Captian Grey answers
" Negative Seargent, we've got orders to return to base.. try to reach a place to protect yourself from the detonation. I'm sorry you're on your own.. "
" .... Understood Captain. We will try to make it somehow.. tell Lieutenant Hunter that i love her.. i.. fzzzz "
communication interrupted
" Captain.. i've got an empty cargo i can get them! " the voice is desperated but captain grey remains hard althought he doesn't feel well about it
" We have our orders Lieutenant.. bsides that there are only 8 mins left till detonation you wouldn't make it.. "
Kim whatches a picture of her and her Brother that she always keep in her cockpit
" He's the last family i've got... "
Tears start coming down on her face while she's desperate
" Keep a hold on yourself Kim.. those toasters killed all of my family but i'm still fighting!"
At that point Kim's eyes beggin to glow
" No you don't.. " also the voice turns decided
" ... Lieutenant don't do anything stupid... "
" I'm sorry Captain.. i won't leave him behind!"
She pulls back her dropship and go strait back to the city

1.11- 1.38
" What the.. DAMMIT! Everybody go back to base i'll follow her! "
Pulling back as she did

Kim opens communications
" Her's Lieutenant Hunter, Seargent Hunter if u can hear me, meet and point Bravo, i'll pick you up so don't miss it!"
" fzzz.. W..hat the... Kim?!.. fz.. ROGER THAT!"
Meanwhile Grey chatches up
" Sir i woun't leave him even if it cost.."
She couldn't finish, interupted by the shout of grey
" SHUT UP n listen! Who do you think's gonna look after you back? This time follow my orders lieutenant! I'm taking lead.. let's get them outa there! We've got 4 mins left"
".... I... " " roger that Captain! "


So they get into the city battlefield where they're still fighting to survive, and soon enough some robot drones catch up
" four Bandits! Ok Kim i'll take care of them you go on! "
Distracting them to follow the fighter and let Kim go on.

2.05 - 2.29

Jake almost reached checkpoint Bravo protecting the civilians as his squad form the robots, but the square point Bravo is full of those toasters, lucky he hears dropship engine and looks up to see Kim clean the landing zone with a cople of heavy front gatlings.
" That's my girl!! " turning back to fire the toasters " Com'on move it! Don't get lazy now! "
covering the run of the civilians to the dropship.


before the last of them reach the dropship a soldier get's hit on a leg
" Hold on sis! "
" There is no time! JAKE!"
Jake turns back to reach the soldier
" Marines never let they're man behind! HUA!"
reaching the soldier
" Com'on Corporal move it!! "
helping him reach the dropship and cover with the free arm.
Reached the dropship

http://nordichazard.newgr ounds.com/


Very moving.

I love the story. I envisioned it perfectly in my head as the song played too. You've got great musical talent and know how to dig deep into a persons' emotions with each different instrument. If you live in New Jersey I'd be more than happy to help you make this epic song into some sort of action film along with S-Ops who can do the 3D stuff.

NordicHazard responds:

thank you! i love it to create stories, i also write but in italian for now. That's where i live XD

Nice story

Though the story seems terminator-ish but I like it. The song is good too. I would like to see this picked up and turn into a little visual movie. If 3d modeling is involved, I'm your man.

NordicHazard responds:

i think we should talk via pm! thx for your review

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4.46 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2011
10:52 AM EDT
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