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It's game on, time to begin another adventure. Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride.
This is my first experimentation with automation clips for volume, meaning that certain instruments have their volumes adjusted in-piece. Let me know what you think of it.

Vote, review and enjoy the ride.

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T minus 3... 2... 1...

This sounds like it would work great in something like a climbing game. The tune is quite nice and uplifting, the background noise works great overall. My only qualm is that there's not more of a tune than there is. The loop works great, seriously.

The fact that this is dance music means that I /should/ excuse the repetitiveness of the track a bit, but I'm not going to do that, sorry. This needs a bit more of a change in the background, I think. Maybe put it into a different key in the middle, then bring it back? That would make it more enjoyable, I think, and make it more complete.

-Review Request Club-


I admit to being extremely skeptic with the fuzzed synths at the beginning of this track, was expecting some heavy dance/techno music, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Your incorporation of piano was well done, in spite of it being so repetitive. It does add quite a lot to the track, but in general, my main issue is that the piano is so damn repetitive. It's a problem because it's such a prominent part of the piece. Even though the track itself flows on well and loops just fine, the fact that the piano is just the same simple notes throughout.

As I said, it loops very well, and even as a standalone track, it works out pretty well, apart from the outro which is obviously made to make it loop well. The intro still has a good buildup.

Your synths are pretty good. I know i complained about the fuzzy synth, but like I said, it turned out to work out really well.

Add some variation, at least to the piano, which is quite vital in this piece.

Review Request Club

Very fluid loop; Needs more constrast of mood.

What went well:
It loops well.
It has a driving force to it, definitely adventurous. Reminds me somewhat of Castle Crushers.
Very fluid. At no point am I left thinking 'Urgh, that transition was clumsy' etc.

Improvements that I feel could be made:
The slow strings followed a rather generic chord pattern - and also the chords didn't have that much depth of tone to them. Some nice deep, rich strings would have been nice. It feels a bit like a cake without a base.. quite literally.
There wasn't much variety in terms of mood. It's all 'EPIC ADVENTURE!' however, there could have been a short bridge that would have more tragedy/drama to it.. this all seems to have more of a 'Yes, you're winning the game!' vibe so to me it is somewhat lacking the total rounded feeling of a true adventure.
Also a bit more reverb here and there would be nice. I.e on the Piano and the Strings.

All in all its very well made,
The Strings are what I would work on the most. More variety = More satisfaction.

-Review Request Club-

Uplifting :)

This is just amazing, I haven't heard something so uplifting in quite a while on here, the melodies you made are just wonderful and the chord progression is none the less spectacular, Wonderful job on that, you couldn't have made this any nicer melody-wise

It's a shame it's so short though, It wouldn't have hurt to make some kind of break with a tremolo triangle solo, like in the sonic games, now that would have been cool.
Yes you are going to extend it, no questions ask, kthxbai.

Now, Synth-Wise, they're nothing too special, to tell you the truth they sound like one of those stock saw presets that come with Sytrus on FL Studio. What'd be cool is if you replace the very first synth (the one with an arpegiated melody) with a violin, that would definitely be the icing on the cake in this track, because all it needs is some changing around.

The piano is way too dry for a song like this, Add some reverb and inverted delay with a slight offset, but don't let the delay get too loud, otherwise it would 'hide' the entire track.

What is definitely lacking in this song is the bass levels, I'm listening to this with a sub-woofer and have yet to hear a good sub-bass or anything at all. Adding a sub-bass would build ground for the song and give it 'bones', metaphorically speaking :P

Drums were alright, we could have done without the kick-hat-clap-hat thing but it's what the kids like nowadays, so no problem there hehe :)

Leveling was quite nice, the first track I've heard today which isn't too loud or soft, good job again.

Wonderful track, one of my favourites from the tracks I reviewed today, keep this up mate :)

I like where you're going with this :)

The lead piano and strings are great, the drum pattern is generally right for dance, and the melodies sound really good together!


Mastering/ Blending is what you really need to focus on here.
This song needs more LFO action, and that dance lead could reallly use some effect automation. I definitely suggest hitting up Youtube for some Mastering/ Automation tutorials; it helped me substantially a couple years back, and I'm sure it could do wonders for your music :)

Great Effort, just give it that little bit more!
~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

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Aug 13, 2011
8:34 AM EDT
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