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The Guardians


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The Adventures of Merrick Kuei OST Mock-up

"The Guardians"

The noble melody starts at :17 seconds into the song, and I envision it representing a noble caste of warriors that the deuteragonist belongs to. Throughout the story, he teaches the protagonist about his order and what they stand for. I leave the rest of the story details to you, the listener, to use your imagination in order to fill in.

The "Merrick's Theme" leitmotif can be briefly heard at 1:17.

I hope you enjoy.

Please PM me and ask if you would like to use this song in your flash.

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So good, I can't grasp why the score is so low... Here's another 5 matie.

Its a shame this got down-voted

god this is phenomenal.

BrokenDeck responds:

Thanks. Glad that you like my old stuff :)


You do not know how much I love this track: 10/10 & 5,000 characters just isn't enough to contain it.

First off, you just have an absolutely phenomenal theme to start the piece with. In fact, I'd say bolloks to the rest of the piece - take this theme and extend it to hell! If you took the time to do so, I'd say you could probably use it as the basis of a movement in a symphony, or a string quartet, or some other such concert piece.

Your variations and use of different instrumentation throughout the piece shows your maturity as a composer, and your ability to write well for different sections. (That harp writing is textbook perfect, for example.)

The only thing that's a little disappointing is the brass hits around 1:04-1:11; and 1:26 to the end - compared to the rest of the piece, they sound rather synthetic, which is pretty much the only thing that detracts from the piece.

Well, other than that. Make it longer! (Please?)

You certainly know how to write great themes and, presumably, work them into your future compositions as leitmotifs :)

- James

BrokenDeck responds:

Thanks for the lengthy review! The brass is EWQL Orchestral Gold. And I do admit that the arrangement at the parts you mentioned for them was a bit lacking. Thanx!


Incredibly cinematic

Hey, this is your Round 1 review of the NGADM competition. Enjoy!


Like I said to LogicalDefiance, orchestral is by far one of my favourite genres, and again I have a very hard time trying to be unbiased. I just enjoyed this piece so much.

The atmosphere is fantastic. You've got an incredibly good amount of depth, which makes for a very warm and cinematic-sounding submission. Your sparse but extremely effective use of percussion added a lot to the submission, and the instruments themselves are so well-chosen and sound sublime. Compositionally, I really can't expect it to get any better. The melody is just amazing, and it flows *brilliantly*. This honestly sounds like it came straight out of a movie, and I'm thoroughly impressed by it.

My only complaint is personal preference. If I were you I would've incorporated more woodwinds in the song, especially to answer to the main theme in certain parts of the song, but it sounds great as it is and this minor issue certaintly isn't enough to put your score down.

I'm trying hard not to give out 10's, especially for songs which go under my favourite genre, to avoid bias, but despite my efforts I can't find anything that this song is lacking in (except length. I want MORE). Keep up the amazing work.

-Review Request Club-

BrokenDeck responds:

Oh thank-you kind sir!

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Aug 13, 2011
5:03 AM EDT
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