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Long Time (Cake Tribute Rah)

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This song has been a couple months in the making and guess what? I'm STILL not satisfied! The vocals are a little bit sloppy and off pitch at some points because I'm going to be redoing them in the future because my track sounds so fucking good but the timbre of the vocals clashes with the instrumental and sounds awkward. I'll get a new mic and do them again. I also did the backing vocals with a G-track and the lead vocals and ending vocals were done with a Logitech headset.

I had it mixed real good like, but I went ahead last minute and put a 6 dB mastering device on it just because I wanted it to be louder. Let me know how that goes.

This is a tribute of Long Time, a song off Cakes new album Showroom of Compassion (a tribute is like a cover except in covers you're trying to 'cover over' the original, get it?) I really dig this song and Cake is one of my favorite bands so I just ended up deciding to do this. It's not my favorite Cake song, but it's pretty damn cool and that leading synth in the original drives me wild.

There are SO MANY separate, live recorded tracks in this song, Audacity was skipping and shit while I was trying to make the song. Every track is recorded live by moi and recorded through a Samson G-Track or a Logitech USB headset, manipulated through FL Studio 9 Free Edition and Audacity and mixed in Audacity and mastered in FL Studio 9 Free Edition... EXCEPT for three tracks that were recorded by Mihai Sorohan and satanicpotatoe (Yeah, that's right).

NG users sorohanro and satanicpotatoe... Well, they helped out in a huge way; sorohanro recorded himself playing trumpet for the track and did, I believe, a fantastic job at it, a very talented musician with an already established NG existence and satanicpotatoe... Just wow, he did the drum track through some program, I haven't asked which but, damn, he did a badass drum track for this, I see him getting more popular here. I manipulated their tracks to my satisfaction and thank them IMMENSELY.

Instruments I used: B.C. Rich Warlock electric guitar, Crestwood acoustic electric bass, Casio LK-35 keyboard, Yamaha Portasound PC-100 keyboard, found objects and my voice.

I added my own flair to the song, you can probably tell if you know me, haha.

Lyrics? You want LYRICS? It's a TRIBUTE! Go look them up yourself!


"Summary Too Short" my ass, Newgrounds.

This thing is pretty sick, I like it quite a bit.

You consider putting a hard EQ over your VoX to try and get them to stand out a little more in the mix over the other instruments? I noticed that a good amount of your samples/vsti's are very sinewave-intensive, and are all quite "sharp" (Presentation-wise, not tuning-wise).

Also, Auto-Tune is an unpracticed singer's best friend. Sure, it really is kind of cheating. But it wouldn't hurt to throw a gentle push in the right direction using Antares' nice little trinket. I'm not saying to go full T-Pain and go for the full pitch correction, but if use a gentle 50ms delayed tune on there, it would really help out.

Not saying your vox are bad, because they're definitely better than what I could do. But it never hurts to add just a little bit more :)

Still, very nice overall. I've listened to it through and through twice now, and I like it quite a bit. It's totally not my thing usually, but I really like it.

Don't stop Rahmmy, you da bestest :3

Rahmemhotep responds:

Naw, the vocals got mixed in too loud because of the -6 dB mixing device I put on last minute. The only samples used were the drums. Everything else is live instruments or noises I made/recorded and tweaked with, so they aren't really samples. (2013 edit: I meant that they aren't from a database of samples)

Oh no, I'm not unpracticed, I was being extremely lazy in the vocal department because I was pissed off at my microphones. They'll be redone once I get a new mic.

No, they are bad, haha.

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review!


Great work my friend! I'm really impressed, the result is amazing.
Your bass playing is awesome ;)

Rahmemhotep responds:

Ha, yeah, usually my stuff is all unorthodox and shit. Then again, I guess this still fits in that sense because of the horrid vocals, haha.

Thanks for the review!

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Aug 12, 2011
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