Freefall (Piano Improv)

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EDIT: Now part of my new album 'Flying Chandeliers and Dying Fears'.. available from Bandcamp at http://mrmusicallion.band camp.com/album/flying-cha ndeliers-and-dying-fears-

This includes a bit of jazz and a bit of neoclassical so I put it in miscellaneous to avoid any confusion.
#cannotwaituntiltagsarein troducedhere!

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Very relaxing and entertaining. I like that you eanestly tried to bring variety to the sound-feeling and the rhythm through the complete piece - it paid! Also the changes between the elegiac quiet phases and the acuate staccato-style phases is really entertaining.

If it was really an improvisation and not composed it was really great!

Hope that review was useful for you :>


MrMusicalLion responds:

Lol, the fact that you are dubious as to whether it was improvised or not, restores my self confidence somewhat in terms of improvisation. I wasn't sure what to think of this improv in particular, compared to some of my others I thought it was lacking in some ways! ^_^

So indeed, a useful review :)

in spite

i think, this was created while you're enjoying the moment, not 'nout sadness or angry.. althought it is creepy at times, but mostly like energy in the context you're playing of course.
But, in spite of all. It mades me sad, with some more other stuff. And i love that sensation, that i can't explain to no one, but you made it.. and quite perfectly.

so.. grats.

pd: srry, i'm so drunk and i don't notice my english standart.. but keep up the intention ;D


MrMusicalLion responds:

Drunk Reviews are the best srt ;)

Moar Musical Lions!

I love your work, Mr. M..

I think this resembles... That life is like sky diving, It can be calm, rough, and then so fast and out of control... and then serene and peaceful.

I would go in the shower and ponder, but i just took one after listening to "Sorry" for the fiftieth time. :D

MrMusicalLion responds:

Funny really, I made this piece of music just before my own life took a bit of a skydive.. as though this were somewhat a prophetic piece ^_^

Enjoy your shower when you get to it :P

Great stuff! Lots of interesting dynamics!

This is a really nice improv piece, I like how the piece slowly flows between different styles of playing, and the extensive use of the damping/sostenuto adds a really nice, fresh sounding change of pace throughout. The soft, contemplative leadout was a great way to cap the whole thing off.
Once again you've managed to create solo piano music that somehow doesn't bore me. Not sure how you do it, man, but keep it up, your playing ability is killer.


MrMusicalLion responds:

Thanks :D [shall reply more indepth soon, off on holiday for a week! Ciao ^_^ ]
Edit: Well I'm back from holiday and ready and eager to make more music :D Well more or less when I make music, it's like I'm quite literally dreaming, I go off into a little world of my own and I describe what I see, using the notes of the piano. I know exactly what you mean about solo piano music being boring.. it's because most of it really doesn't have much flair and is more or less just regurgitated...

The main theme for this piece is the way it casually flits about, like a feather blown about by the wind, at times it falls gracefully but then the breeze picks it up again and sends it on another whimsical journey

I certainly shall keep up with the music, many more planned to come ^_^ Thanks, as always.

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Aug 11, 2011
8:40 PM EDT
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