xKore - Time's Up (garlagan remix)

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That bassline... Just wow

Awseome track!

Great remix imo =]
I agree with the guy below me, i think this is better then the original too!

going to download for sure !
I like how you used similar samples but in a different way ( vocal sample)

Also the bassline is prominent, but doesn't compete with the other synths, that means you did a great job mastering the track =]

Couple things to ad/change:
That build you have that sounds like little ticks going up in pitch-that could be replaced with something that blends with the other sounds in the track more.

Also it's a great idea to use downsweeps that last for about...4 bars...
Especially on the drop, I think it gives the drop more power =]
-At least try that on future productions-

I am favoriting you!
Downloading this!

-Until next time

NAC Judge

Hojima Garu (garlagan)
Compared to the source material, your song sounds better in my opinion. Yours has a backbeat that makes sense. While dubstep is a popular trend right now, it lends little to musical organization and widely accepted theories on song composition. Your song takes the good elements of xKore's song and turns them into a much more fun to listen to version. I hear clipping with your bass kick, remember to double up that sound in mastering or the rest of your frequencies will overtake it. I enjoyed listening to this very much. 8.5

NAC Judge

I will admit, at first I didn't like this as much as xkore's, as his has more of a calming urban sound, but I will admit it has grown on me :)

You definitely did a good job of remixing it while keeping the main melody intact but still offering enough diversity, the driving beat is definitely an improvement, and can't really complain about the mixing, I believe you did a pretty good job of that! The less I notice wrong the better!

Ironically I kinda wish it was longer :) - I also kinda wish you had ended it a little more epicly - it kind of feels like you said to yourself "hmm I guess I should wrap this up now."

verdict - I'd say both songs are pretty equal - so congrats to living up to the quality that xkore has consistantly put out :) 9/10


garlagan responds:

i might have rushed the ending actually : p
thanks for the contest Chron!

Sweet :D

I really enjoyed this remix bro! Super awesome :D
Can't wait to hear more from you :)

~Dj Sonik

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4.39 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2011
9:34 PM EDT
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