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~SW~ Keeper of the Dead

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Author Comments

Here's an experiment into true ambiance. I put a lot of work into this - finding samples was difficult, and getting all the whispers together and the right length was a huge time-consumer. Making the heartbeat sound constant was another difficulty, though smaller.

Personally, I think this would go awesome in a flash game or something, where a creepy-ish tune in the background is needed. If someone asks for a more loop-ish version, I'll try to make one.

This was a request for a friend as a theme for their roleplay character. I will not do requests without prices, except for a few people, or if you've paid in other ways.

-Please tell me anything you can think of that would make this better. If you don't think it's a 5/5 or 10/10, it would be awesome if I could hear how I could make it that.


(Note: There was a version that had "I see you" from Hidden: Source. It's right here: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/438607)


Addednum from other version:

I feel that without the "I see you" sample, the song actually feels *more* like an ambient track. I think the sample caused an interruption in continuity, which could be either good or bad depending on the situation that this song is used. For BG music for exploring dungeons, I'd use this version. For title screen music, I'd definitely use the other version.

The track is surprisingly different with just one sample omitted...

SkyeWint responds:

Some people like this version more, some people like the one with the other sample (and reverb/delay on whispers) more. While it's not much of a difference, it does a surprising amount. But then, if you omitted compression on techno songs, that would change them by a large amount as well.

I prefer this version, personally. It's more ambient and eerie. I would change it a bit to have more reverb on the whispers and have the first "I see you" if I could though.


This really does everything an ambient track should do, and even more.

I think what really does it for me in this piece, is the vocal samples you've used throughout the entire track. They're incomprehensible, they're not loud, and they overlap eachother to make it sound like someone in the walls are talking about you, whispering about you behind your back.

The intro builds up well, good use of the xylophone, that single tone really creeps me out. In addition you have the samples of wind, and the synth/string on top of that again. There's also the heartbeat, which strengthens the feeling of fear. I'm not too sure about the strings around 0.50. They don't seem to fit in with the overall feel of the song, and reminds me more of the music from Fable, kind of toying, not so serious, while trying to be somewhat scary.

Review Request Club

SkyeWint responds:

Hello. Thanks for the kind words, the single tone of the bell was meant to be blowing in the background, simply "there". I think it worked the best, aside from the wind. The pizzicato around 0:50 is a tad weak, I admit, but I'm not sure about the not-serious-ness of them. Even if they're toying though, what do you mean by that? Are they toying with the creepy atmosphere, with you? Are they just playing around, period?

Glad you enjoyed it overall though, thank you for the review.


Truth be told, I'm not a big fan of ambient music, it's probably my least favourite genre in the audio portal, but I know a good track when I hear it, and this is one of them. If you could just give some final trimming, it'd be top notch!

It starts off wonderfully, I love the little whispering sounds in the background, I can imagine this in som sort of Harry Potter movie, or some dark film with gray skies and thoughts of dismay.

The wind, though a nice touch, was too loud for the track itself, I'd lower the volume, then compress it, then add a filter, just to keep everything clean, but other than that, Nice job anyway.

The pizzicato strings gave it that creepy videogame effects, for some reason I found them 'playful' more than anything else, it boggles me why this is though.
The pizzicatos themselves sounded brilliant, the little taste you added makes me want more.

The bells in the background were a nice touch, they were the icing on the cake, production-wise. I think it's the main aspect of the song that makes it creepy. Well, that, along with the strings.

After the pizzicato strings, you can hear some sort of glockenspiel or bell, it's also a little too loud for my tastes, I'd lower the volume to that also.

The strings were probably my favourite part of the song, they were also the one thing in the song that needed to be slightly louder at times, rather than quieter, hehe.

Now, mixing. As I said before there were some assets that need compression and filtering, those would be the two main mixing problems because other than that I couldn't find anything wrong with the general mix, it wasn't muddy at all, apart from the extra 2 seconds of reverb every now and then (Yes, I'm that fussy)

Anyway, it's a nice, atmposhperic track, which has the chops to be in some playstation game or children's movie, If you had to do some final touches, it'd be a hell of a track, and I'm sure you can perfect this.

I Have mixed feelings on this track, I don't know whether I should call it perfect, or just the beginning of a masterpiece, If I were you I'd extend it though.

So Yes, You get an 8 and a 5 :P


SkyeWint responds:

Alright then, I'll make the strings a bit louder. I agree, they're a bit quiet sometimes.

As for the bell synth, they were actually the bells in the background, only brought out more. I think I might bring them down a bit, but not the first three loud notes of theirs. That's honestly my favorite bit of the song. lol.

Thank you for the review!

Cool Dungeon Theme!

This is sweet :D
Reminds me of a dark dungeon theme from Fable or something like that.
The whispers add a very cool sense of realism to the the track as well; makes you feel like you're actually moving through a huge gathering of spirits :)
creepy, cool, and simply incredible :)

Make more like this :)
~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

SkyeWint responds:

Simply made for a friend. I'll probably be making more creepy music, I enjoy it. it has a cool feel. The whispers were a touch I had added because the person who requested this wanted an eerie background noise along with the main part of the track.

It's not my best song though, for sure. I hope to make better music than this in the future, especially mixed better. I hope to get some headphones soon, so... yeah. Better mixes to come (I hope).

Pretty good and creepy

I kind of find it creepy because at the start it sounds like someone is saying something in low pitch and simply whispering to scare you as well. Very creepy though for that part, the atmosphere of the song also seems to be dark. Could make a good tune for the intro or theme to a zombie movie as well where a few people are still trying to survive in a zombie like world.

The xylophone gives a darker tone rather than a happy image here for once actually. The violins sound dark when the strings are hit here and give a feel as if the guy was checking corners and simply being curious as to where he may be safe to stay for the night at next without being found out by zombies again.

The drum kicks are a nice touch and give that heartbeat feel here which is nice to know too. The piano gives a few low blows as if saying the zombies will come if you do not remain on the move as well. The low whispering girl sounds give a feel of weirdness here.

Overall, good beat, whispers make it creepy.

Review Request Club

SkyeWint responds:

The heartbeat "kick" actually is a heartbeat. Probably why it sounds so much like one. The whole thing was meant to be dark and kind of sad as well. It's hard to hear the "sad" bit though, that part is more subtle towards the beginning and end.


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4.24 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2011
1:45 AM EDT
File Info
6.4 MB
2 min 49 sec

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