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First off, Dubstyle is NOT Dubstep. In my opinion, its much better. :D

For those of you who don't know what it is, <http://youtu.be/gWd-Zp5h ths> is the best example. Its also the first example. Ever.

Anyways, listen to the whole thing before you judge and let me know what you think I should do to improve. I don't think I did The Song of Time a lick of justice, but I think I did well enough.

Comment/rate/constructive criticism.

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Mm, I liked it\o/

This was pretty cool, and catchy:) I have to link this to my hardstyle crazy friend :P
.......And keep the link as well.... Cause' I did not say I wasn't hardstyle crazy <_<

TheDDJ responds:

Well thanks, Dude. I started this song out hardstyle, Cause that's where I'm most comfortable. And then it kinda took a violent left turn and it I just rolled with it. Sometimes, I think these things produce themselves.

I just wish my current project were so! <insertnailsonchalkboardfeeling>


This sure is Dubstyle, but the hardstyle part didn't hit me, not sure how to express myself, maybe its because i prefer reverse bass over long tail kick, but still nice track, but something seemed off, maybe the dubstep part didn't have any wobbles or because i'm deaf lol, but seriously a soft, not-so-loud wobble wound't hurt the dubstep, it would actually make the dubstep part more, well, dubstep-y, 'cuz you know, dubstep is supposed to have wobbles, weather its hard or soft, overall i liked it, hope you understand the mess i made in the review. xD

TheDDJ responds:

Holy cow, I didn't know you still kicked around newgrounds.

Dubstyle doesn't have any wobbles in it. Or rather, its not a part of the genre. And its something I'm quite glad for. I've only listened to two dubstep songs that I enjoyed.

Dubstyle is just another area of the hard dance scene that I'd thought I'd visit to see if I could pull it off, and the general consensus his that I did pretty well.

Compare for yourself. Headhunterz and Brennan Heart did the very first Dubstyle track in mainstream production. I put the link in the description, and after someone said it wasn't working, I realized that newgrounds broke it. So I put it in brackets so people could copy it and fix it in the URL window.

do the time warp

cant argue bout it its perfect the way it is. nothing to change although it did lag some sound at 2:02 all there were were drums and that thingy sound? any way 10 and a 5. good job on link vocals and navi -even tho we dont like her-

TheDDJ responds:

Thats not really lag. The timing didn't change, I just suck.

Thanks for listening. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Pretty good but lacking..

It had really great potential until it dropped at around 1:04. The synth and the drums werent strong enuff, other than that it was a great idea. good job!

TheDDJ responds:

I beg to differ. Any higher and it would have overpowered the song. This is more of a personal production choice. Sort of "My own flavor" of the song. If you don't like that flavor, thats okay, but I played with that kick for a few days to get it sounding just so.

Thanks for listening nonetheless.

I freaking love that kick.

And I think you did the Song of Time justice just fine. :D
I also love the Navi and Link vocals.
Excellent work!

(Btw, I just listened to your Paradise on E remixes and this blows both of them out of the water)

TheDDJ responds:

I would be pokerface.jpg if I didn't say that I've gotten a lot better. A lot. But I love my old work. I like looking back and remembering how I felt, and even to some extent what was happening in my life at the time. So while this is way better, I still love all my music. Even the stuff that sucks.

But I thank you for the input and for appreciating the music. Its nice to know you don't go completely unnoticed <3

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