Lufia II - For the Savior

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Uploaded song cause there's no Lufia music here Song is 2 years old vol level not the best


bout the OMPH....

Maybe he meant that the song shouldn't have "quieted down" at the end, in case people wanted a loop....

Anyways, I am impressed with the remix, good work!

LoneEagle responds:

You are probably right... maybe a loop would have been better. Back then i was in my "fade out" phase where i wanted every song to end that way because i had not enough experience or i was just to damn lazy to make a proper ending. I will have to work on that for future tracks though.

Anyways thanks for the review.

General_Leo - Lufia II | For The Savior

First Imperssion; "So...horrible samples..."
Anyways, I didn't really hear that many changes from the original song. But I guess that makes this a remake.
If you're using FLStudio 6, I suggest you download new samples from Www.hammersound.net .
It's a bit harder to mix them properly with reverb etc etc, but it's well worth it.

The timpani should have been lowered, and I didn't like that you faded it out instead of adding this extra OMPH in the end, as it's not a quiet and calm song.

Anyways, it's a pretty good remake.
Christian S. (Arbiter)
Ps; Check my stuff out if you find the time.
You wont regret :)

LoneEagle responds:

I know about the horrible samples, it says in the description that this is more than 2 years old now. It was done with fl4 or even 3 i don't remember.

Right now i'm using fl studio 5. I don't know shit about how to use vsti/vst so i'm pretty much stuck with the default samples... but i don't really mind cause i don't want to take hours to make some samples sound good. All i want to do is compose just for the heck of it and as long as i'm satisfied with that, then cheap samples it will be.

I know there's nothing new to this song, as i only wanted to remake it. What is an "OMPH"? That's right you are talking to a noob now so terminology like this is out of my vocabulary.

Hmm... about the reverb thing, i don't even know how to use that in fl5. I mean i found where it is and all but it won't let me use it. I guess i'm not doing the thing right.

I'm listening to your stuff right now and i am very impressed about what i'm hearing. It's a shame that it cannot be downloaded, i'll go and review it shortly.

It was a really hard decision to make when i was about to upload that song because i know that it isn't so great, but i said what the hell. Plus there wasn't any songs from that great game on all of newgrounds so that's why i put it here.

Thanks alot for the review Chris.

Oh, i might sound pissed but i'm really not, it's just that i haven't been able to come up with anything these past few weeks and i really know that my bad samples are hurting me.


Ranked in my top 5 for best video game scores, so I see it only fit to point a few things out...I know it's not my place, but I just want to. I loved how it sounded, but the snares are a bit loud. The piano should be a bit louder, not too loud though. And the little flute sounding thing should also be louder than the snares. Other than those volume issues, this is one of the best remixes of this song I've ever heard.

LoneEagle responds:

Well, be it your place or not, it doesn't matter. Your opinion is as important and equivalent as everyone elses.

Now i agree with you 100% with the snare's volume level, too loud. I think that the piano is ok though but the flute could use a little more power.

Remember now this piece was done like 2 years ago and i wasn't too good back then, still not too good today XD... better yes but good? Hmm i don't know, but i don't care about being good.

Anyways, thanks for the review. Oh and... i've never really heard any other lufia II song/remix anywhere so that's why i put it up on newgrounds.

Thats awsome!!

Yo.. I bet the author is surprised to see me. Hey pal, you got the backround keys a little off tune, but its better than the other submission on here.

Lufia was a very "Original" RPG. Back on the SNES... it had a good story, no a DAMN good story.

LoneEagle responds:

Yes i am surprised, i was kind of expecting a review on my newest song but hey, i'll take this one too :D

It is quite possible that the background keys are a little off because this was done 2 years ago and i remember that i was tired of doing this song back then and i decided to put the piano as what i thought would fit well.

I agree with you about the lufia games on snes, in my book they are on the same level as the most popular games(FF3 and Chrono Trigger), but of course people will call me crazy for saying what i just did :D

What's Lufia?

Not having a snes was a pain.

Bearing in mind this is two years old, it's still better than a lot of things I've heard. It does sound a little flat, no dynamic variation except the snare, which began to grate after a while, but if that's how the song went, that's how the song went. The rest of it was nice though.


LoneEagle responds:

Heh! Lufia is a super nintendo rpg of course :) Not all of it's music is good but alot of it is great, well in my opinion.

This is a 2 years old remake... Yea about the snares, that's not exactly 100% how the song went. Because back then i couldn't reproduce the snares to perfection, but it's something very similar.

Thanks a bunch for the review :D
If you like rpgs, go try lufia 2 out :D

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