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Hey guys

This is quite unlike any other song I've done before. It's a very unique dance track with bleeps and bloops and the whole shabang. Then it's got this nice piano melody that I think you'll find nice. The whole thing sounds like it was recorded in a cave. You'll like it, seriously.

There's like, a little part there which freaks you out, and then you're like, "What?". But then you're put back on the ground again. And oh yeah, there's some nice glitchy hi-hats. And then this part where it all goes WAHCK. But then it's like, back to the beginning, and yeah, she'll be right.
So thanks for listening and please vote up :}P


o Made using FL Studio 8
o 3min 12sec long.
o You're unlikely to listen to the whole song, but if you do, you're a legend.
o This is going to be the third track on my upcoming LP: Benjamin Power! - "Walk of the Dead!"
o I'm actually excited about this release.
o Oh, and here's your sodding snail --> _@/


........./| ________________
O|===|* >________________> WHAT IS THIS!

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well i dont know about everybody else....

but it dazed me out... i kinda forgot i was listin to it for a min.... that how KEWL it was... (-_-)


Hm, I'm not really sure what to make out of this song. So, the title is very fitting. What is this?! I really don't know.
The main beat gets a bit repetitive towards the end, but at least we get to hear a nice piano part (the melody sounds very familiar, but I don't know where I might have heard it before).

Maybe the bass of the main beat could be a bit bassier, deeper. But on the other hand the strange feeling I have while listening to this song might be lost.

The part at around 00:57 isn't really that great. It starts very unexpected and there isn't that much to hear anyway... so yeah, maybe turn up the volume there a bit?

{ Review Request Club }

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks for your review of this song, Haggard. Your efforts are well appreciated.

I'm glad you felt alienated from the beginning. It was supposed to be that way. I'm also happy that you enjoyed the piano melody. The main beat, I must admit, gets annoying even to my own ears. I don't remember ever hearing the piano melody myself, but perhaps it's buried in my subconscious, I don't know :)

I have had lots of suggestions that things could be bassier. I agree, perhaps I will add more bass. The part at 0:57, I agree, is quite jarring. The purpose was to have people alienated, then broiught back down to Earth with the main beat. But I guess it just put people off a bit from the groove, so I won't do that again... :P

Learning lessons, loving the music-making process. Thank you for your kind criticism.

Benny a.k.a "Silly Boy"

Okay then!

After the 8-bitness of the last review, this is almost like a breath of fresh air.

The intro, I liked at first. It seems drawn-out and repetitive though, being the same thing for 23 seconds. The piano was pretty interesting, even though it still repeats the same thing until 0:40. That makes it more interesting. It's a very poppy piece, not seemingly intended to make sense. It just kind of ends at 0:57 though, which didn't seem that good.

As it comes back in, it's pretty random, and doesn't transition well. Overall, so far it's been pretty repetitive and random, not that well made either... I like the arps supporting the song, but they don't really work when they are repeated constantly. It does another one of those false endings at 1:52, which I didn't particularly like.

After the 2 minute mark, it kind of falls apart.. It loses what semblance of form it had, and just randomizes itself. I feel like you used an arpeggiator, which I personally don't like.

So, some pointers.

1) Have some more order to the song, so that it doesn't seem so random.
2) Have some chording underneath so that it's not just arps and some piano.
3) Have a less simple beat, or one that's a bit stronger, so people have more to latch onto.

That's all I have for now. Good luck!

-Review Request Club-

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

I appreciate your constructive criticism. I appreciate that you took the time out to review this submission and I'll address each of your queries in turn :)

Repetition is one of my key enemies in the fight to produce good-sounding songs. Not only beautiful songs do I want, however, but also something that challenges the listener in a nice way. I think the harshness of the synth and the sparseness of the arrangement are the things that undo this piece.

The feel that I wanted to get across is that of dissonance, but also a driving melody behind it. Something you could really groove to. But it seems that when I listened to it a couple of hours later under a more critical view, it didn't stand up to the litmus test. The random part in the middle is supposed to alienate the listener, then bring them back to the earth again, which I think served its purpose.

I did use an arpeggiator for some portion of the song, that's because I thought it had a nice sound when assembling. It turns out that 3 minutes of repeating this same synth can have a wearying effect on the ears. I did have some order to the song, but I realise, after your wise suggestion, that there needs to be some traditional verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure that people are so familiar with in order for people to warm to my wacky beats. But sometimes "wacky" even equates to downright stupid, so that's somewhat foolish of me.

I wanted this song to go in a radical new direction for me, to stretch me beyond my limits. In that I believe I succeeded, but I think I now need a more definite approach, such as with more chords, a more complex beat, or a strong one. The points you bring come across as valid and clear, and I appreciate your honesty.




I found this to be a nicely interesting piece of work I think. It just feels so nice and pleasing on the ears. Kind of just makes you think of some people having fun at the local club and wearing some glow sticks on their wrists for the the fun of it as well. The footstep like sounds heard near a minute in give an urban feel to it.

The synth sounds light and fluffy I think, very comforting. The piano is also nice and relaxing on the ears as well here since it gives a good feel to the song I think. The bass is smooth and soft. The drums sound great and give an urban feel as if you were watching people in a city.

Overall, dreamy and comforting piece.

Review Request Club

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thank you, SCTE3. Your words and kind and comforting. This is supposed to be a feel good song, something you can just groove to, so you nailed that pointer on the head. I'm glad you found it comforting, and appreciate your fine words.


Quite interesting

I was, honestly, at first quite skeptical to this. It just sounded like an attempt at going for something glitched, a bit experimental, that really just sounded like noise. After a while though, I really got a feel for this track.

That said, it still is a tad random. There's a thin line when it comes to experimental tracks between something new and intersting and something that just sounds plain random and off.

I must say I like the glitchy elements a lot, like the part playing at 2.16, very glitched and randomized, which feels pretty good. The piano joining in afterwards is a really nice touch, bringing the track a bit closer to the ground. THe main synth is also really neat, with some notes that are a bit off, really works out IMO. Also love the track "reset" if I can call it that in the middle of the song.

Ending was okay, a bit of a letdown after such a nice track, but it didn't harm the song much.

Review Request Club

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks Soapbubble! This is a bit more experimental than most of my other songs, but I'm glad you understood it for what it was, and could feel the groove. And yet, it is very random.

Thanks for pointing out the weak points, I realise that the synth can get quite annoying after a while, but hey, you learn something new everyday :) I'm just hoping I'll be able to improve my craft to professional standard :)

Thanks very much for the review!

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Aug 7, 2011
1:29 AM EDT
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