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(Day1) Evolution

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Author Comments

alot better now with bass working :D
idk if this should be in dance or dubstep but since my other are more dubstep id add this as dub step!
still gotta fix stuff still if ya notice anything tell me

if you notice anything els point it out to me cos i might miss it any comments will be returned !

:D added more base and more synths and more melodys.
im vary much likeing this song so far a little tiney bit of cliping . oh well pays off for all the bass in the song :D
mores being done to this song but idk how to get it any more over the top! :D

any thing any one wants me to add change ? new name? anything helps
if you want a higher q download pm me

more waves more synths and a brand new talking bass line! :D
tune drumes broke a glass in my house playing with subs on! :D i dont know how much more i can add before my comp dies haha
just try to guess how many synths and samples are in this just try! :D

what genre is this btw? XD

and this has been the highist rated song for me ever! :D ..kinda hope it makes top 5 but i doubt it XD

want high q down load pm me! :D

----edit yet agen!-------- not that many people will notice this
eqed it lved it andmasterd it ! added bit more bass pads.
redid a lead sound not that you shall notice,
unless you lison to one thin lison to this. sounds the same but way better!
but less bass...e ... looking back on all my edits... i make lots of faces o.o
wtf i maid another one o.o
wow i get bored when im waiting for my song to up load!! almost done

there we go!

like this and want more? leave a coment on my facebook Page
http://www.facebook.com/p ages/Day-1/21702271169429 5


Almost apocalyptic sounding

I like the jilted feeling of this song. It has an irregular rhythm, that creates some space in between beats. This is good "breather" space for the song.

And the bass is happily humming along there. I like the general feel of this piece. Also, at 1:30 when it changes the beat. That's pretty awesomely fantastic :) I like the growling noise that it makes. It's very scary.

Then, at 2:30, it goes to more hardcore stuff. And then it escalates from there. I like the rhythm change at 3:30. It brings it down a notch. The kicks are pretty booming, and it's awesome. I can see why this is one of your highest rated songs, because it's so balanced and easy to listen to. It rocks hard, too! :D Well done!

Good job

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

im thinking bout redoing the mastering and drums and go sample crazy more thin it already is

this was my atempt to mix hard core and dubstep do to the fact i started hardstyle hardcore thin started lerning dub step well nasty dub step XD
haha im glad you liked ^^

I really like this version :D

I'd say it was a big improvement over the first version. So much more energy, and a lot more variation. It kept me much more interested and "awake" than before. Everything flows very smoothly. I especially like 1:30 where it starts to get a little mysterious sounding. Just two suggestions

1:00 (or within a second of) The background dance lead hits a note that sounds very dissonant with the rest of the song. %uFF34he rest of the pattern for the dance lead, just that last part.

1:31 when you introduce that weird sfx, I think it could be processed/filtered a little more to give it a dance feel. Right now, it sounds a bit raw. Maybe some reveerb would also help it as well.

Very good improvement, I must say!

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

about 1:00 i dont hear anything being off but the lfo a tiney bitand to fix that will be kinda hard -.- ill see what i can do tho!. im more or so use to makeing hardcore sonds where being off makes it sound better
im re working the mastering atm after that imma try filtering the part after 1;31 better
this song is vary high energy for me intending this to be vary slow lol

Good, rework it !

Slap a massive on that base lead, you have a good foundation but need to upgrade your synths and samples, nothing wrong with distortion when dealing with dubstep. take off the damn limiter too, manually set your volumes with out it.
other than that man good job.. if you send me the flp ill rework it. fadeliss@live.com
if you want to talk

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

lol no limiter to start with...
i like toxic better thin massive. ya ill send ya the flp just make sure to keep me updated and link it back here.
ps the songs a huge mess XD

Nicely done.

Transitions could use some work, though.

I like the melody progression and that LFO is just nasty. :D


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RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

all toxic baby! so many melody's! make it hard to transition XD
i think theres at the end 4 lfos and 4 lead synths + bass + sweeps and tuns
of filters haha but ill work on it! :D


yeah I like the break down at 0:30 Nice song

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

thanks ^.^ glad you enjoyed!

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Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2011
9:38 PM EDT
File Info
9.3 MB
4 min 5 sec

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