Acid Paradox - Monster

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Well i had a really hard time with this one, I spent like 12 hours recording, composing and 8 hours mastering. Speaking of mastering , i tried a different method than i used too but please if you notice some anomalies on this track please pm me or put me a comment down below.

This was made in Fl Studio and the vocals were made by me too. There's a longer version of this track but if everything goes well, i will put it on my upcoming EP to be expected to finished on December. This is why the songs end abruptly , this is just a PREVIEW guys.

The reason i called this monster was because the vocals slowly start to distort, kinda like if it was a man transforming into some evil being.

This could be my submission for the NGADM Round 1 , i just want to see if people likes the mastering or not.

Lyrics :

This is the end of all the places
I lost control of all my senses
Do you think you can escape me?
Do you think you that I'm now crazy?
Do you think you can escape MEH MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME
MONSTER!!! ( I actually made that scream myself lol)

Thanks for listening

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This was a truly great song!

I had my doubts on this, because the singer said ''think'' like 'tink' but in the end it was amazing.

Acid-Paradox responds:

I don't have a good english man :3


This is without a doubt the best dubstep song I have heard on newgrounds. I couple different parts of this song are similar to curt mansell's Lux Aeterna...Were you consciously aware of that or is it just a coincidence?

Acid-Paradox responds:

I was not aware of that when i was making the track , but later i recognized that those bells i made sound like the harp of lux aeterna.

Nice ear man hehe


Don't you hate it when you realized 1,000 + people have downloaded your song for free when you could be charging .39$ on itunes racking in the dough?

Acid-Paradox responds:

I don't mind, music is my passion, not my business.


eternal beings rise! emotional constuct comes to a standstill. all thought now forsakened in a emotional prison inside my mind. this song brings me to a state i cannot explain. running my mental creativity to an deadly extreme. dealing a deadly lucid euphoria no man has knowingly done before. you have captured the inner constuct of my mind and flipped it upside down. for that...... i thank you.

Eternal Damnation!

Not the song of course! It probably could wake up all of the children we knocked unconscious within all of us so we can carry this fake reality; in which, encourages lopsided perfection.

Imperfection is the root of all perfections. Humans have become a mad scientist who can change their appearance, and hide things that are a part of them until they become insane.

This is a wake up call..

(wake up..)

We've have created a interior reality that is industrialized by our unlively agendas. To prove ourselves for something we already had; aswell, as abandoned.


Our shadow is our only savior now! We are disappearing into our perfect world we have created! We can't even recognize who we are anymore. Subconsciously questioning who we are. Wondering why we have a beast roaming inside of us..

This beast.. Is me..

It must be!

The truth is a lie..

The lie is the truth..

The monsters are our saviors!

The saviors are nothing but a deceptive army raised to erase our ability to think for ourselves!




A man can't smash a mirror when he is rational, but is able to smash a mirror when he full of irrationality.. Why is this? The same person? Doing something so different?

Protecting what?

Scared of what?

The beginning hasn't even begun..

Playing with these puzzle pieces is suicidal, but either way.. We are dead either way..

A boy can cry wolf..

A boy can cry monster..

A boy CANNOT cry about himself..

5/5 10/10 Downloaded!

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Acid-Paradox responds:

Now this is an epic scenario my friend.

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Aug 6, 2011
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