2011 Rabidsquirl Voice Demo

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Full resume available on the site.

Get at me, yo.

My actual acount is rabidsquirl. Go there if you want to see what I've done over the course of my stay at Newgrounds :)


Someone needs to hire you

Dammit, I really hate it when I hear the repertoires of good voice artists. Makes me seem so average. If I had the recording equipment, the wherewithal and the time, I'd show the industry... probably fuck all, but you know, a guy can dream, right?

A good script - did you take it from various pieces that you've done, are doing, or just write them, because you've got a good imagination? I think that some of them are made better by the additions of sound effects, music and other effects, but what I'd like to really know is what equipment you have for this and what program / programmes you're using to give this the professional touch.

Still, I really do hope that someone gives you a chance and you'll make good progress in this line of work soon.

[Review Request Club]

Rabidssquirrel responds:

Thanks much for the review!

As for the script, I stood infront of my mic and tried to think of any type of voice I could do. Once I figured out a voice I could do, I would either freestyle something or quickly jot something down to read off of. Did a long recording and picked and chose what I thought would be great. Some lines are mine, some are old audition lines or from parts I've already filled.

As for equipment:
MXL 990 Condensor Microphone - $60
A.R.T. Studio Preamp - $30
Wires that connect them - About $25

Not really that expensive of a set up for the quality that comes about. :) For mixing, I used Soundtrack Pro, which was mostly unnecessary as it could have been done in audacity. As for the effects and music, I just looked for royalty free SFX and tracks. I always use Freesound.org for SFX. <3 them. And royalty free music you can find on Newgrounds, or from a simple google search. One of my favorites is Freeplaymusic.com :)

Thanks a bunch for the review!

You've Definitely Got Talent

I've never actually done a review solely for voice acting, so you'll have to forgive me if this is a little brief.

I think you've clearly got talent and can cover a wide assortment of characters very convincingly. You're good at portraying emotion, and you've put a decent amount of effort into making this voice demo more than just another monologue.

One thing that you might want to improve however is the sound quality and mix. The highs need to be brought down, and the lows could use a slight boost, just to thicken it up and take away some of the hissing.
I don't know if you mixed this yourself, but, there you go.

Really though, this is good stuff. Keep it up!

*Review Request Club*

Rabidssquirrel responds:

Thanks so much! It took me three years to finally write and produce a new demo, so there was indeed some work behind it. :)

And thankyou for the tip! No one has pointed that out to me, but since you've said it, I totally agree with you! It does have a bit of a crunch to it, doesn't it? Thanks so much! :)

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Aug 3, 2011
5:16 PM EDT
Voice Demo
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