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2011 Rabidsquirl Voice Demo

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Author Comments


Full resume available on the site.

Get at me, yo.

My actual acount is rabidsquirl. Go there if you want to see what I've done over the course of my stay at Newgrounds :)


Good talent

You have a very good voice talent and see you use good amount of accents as well too. Really nice voices though and I like them. Would be cool if you put down a list of where all the voices came from as well so people can watch and appreciate them as well.

Overall, nice.

Review Request Club

Rabidssquirrel responds:

Thankyou very much! I didn't think people would care too much from the source of the voices. Half of them I wrote, the other half came from auditions or other various projects! I may include a list because you mentioned it though :)

Thanks a bunch!

You got talent!

A pretty good reel. You have a great range of voices and all of them sound very realistic and not overdone at all.

The problem with voice reels is that there almost always is no real story to it. It would be really cool if you could come up with some sort of conversation between various characters (all voiced by yourself of course), which would make listening to this a lot more interesting. ^^

Anyway, very nice voices, you are a very talented voice actor!

{ Review Request Club }

Rabidssquirrel responds:

Thanks! And I totally agree with you! Initially, I was writing a little reel/story to showcase the voices, though in the end just didn't have the time to sit down and write, though I plan to do so for my next thing! Thanks for pointing it out though and reaffirming that I should try doing that!

Thanks again! :)

Great Voices!

Loved all the different voices! You definitely have a lot of talent.

I especially liked the personality at :52. Definitely had a lot of power and drama.

I guess my problem is with the quality of the recording. I could be wrong, but I kept hear a bit too much "s" in some of the voices. For example :30 and 1:15. I just felt that the treble was too pronounced. I don't know much about voice recording or acting though :/.

All in all it was pretty incredible. You better get a job voice acting somewhere!

4.26 / 5.00 (+ 0.061)

[Review Request Club]

Rabidssquirrel responds:

Wonderful thanks! Seems that the one at :52 is a reocurring favorite. I don't even remember what it was from, but I'm glad I included it! :)

Another reocurring little problem it seems and, since it's been said, I can hear it as well. I didn't really master my audio all that much, but next time I'll make sure I don't bring out too much of that hissy treble.

Again, thanks! And I hope so too! :) I'm broke!

Awesome work!

This is really impressive, I was really surprised to hear the variety of voices that you were able to pull off! A lot of the voices used here seriously remind me of saturday morning cartoons!

The voices you used were very full of life, emotion, and heart; It sounds like you're pretty experienced in the voice acting field. I loved how memorable the voices were as well, some of them really took me back! :D

I don't normally review voice actors, but this reel is seriously top-notch.

Amazing work my friend!
~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

Rabidssquirrel responds:

Awesome! I'm super glad to hear it! Would be wonderful to actually score a role on a saturday morning cartoon one of these days!

I'm glad I was able to trigger some childhood memories <3

Hopefully I'll be able to create some of those childhood memories in the future. :)


That's how it's done.

Brilliant stuff, man. I won't be able to write a big review on this because I'm not that big on voice acting. However, I will say that I really like this and you've got a hell of a lot of talent!

What I liked the most here would be the acting part of voice acting. The voices were all very good and you've got a decent variety of voices, but the acting really brought them to life. You put a lot of emotion into the voices and I think that certainly made a big difference. The background tracks are all well chosen and fitting as well - I especially liked the one at 0:36. Gave me goosebumps on the first listen :D.

Honestly, the only issue I can point out is REALLY small. I think some of the transitions from one music background to another were a little too abrupt. It's not too much of a problem since the voices are the main feature here, but I think smoother transitions would be nice. Naturally a wider variety of voices would be cool too, but what you're showcasing here is awesome in any case.

That's all I can say - it's all very good. I think some transitions from one voice to another were abrupt, but that's not really that much of a problem. You've got quite some talent when it comes to voice acting!

-Review Request Club-

Rabidssquirrel responds:

Loads of thanks! Quite the long interview if you were to ask me!

Thankyou very much! One of the aspects that I think is constantly over looked by Voice Actors making their demo is the actual acting portion while throwing out a variety of different voices. Totally something that I was going for.

Noted! Though, it was something that I was sort've going for, trying to transition the listener between the different voices with a mild jar to trigger something along the lines of 'Oh, another one?' but I completely get what you're saying! :)

Again, thanks! And sorry my response isn't as long as your review!

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Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2011
5:16 PM EDT
Voice Demo
File Info
1.9 MB
1 min 43 sec

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