(MiB!) Stuck in the rain!

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mostly done with this song still has no name? any ideas ? hmm?

this songs mainly to help me master my bass skills useing toxic all but 2 synths are from toxic,
any tips ?

ps dont wreck your subs

pm me for higher q sound
(sorry it repeats alot i plan to fix it!)


Good beat!

Tight beat man, still need to work on your leads and samples but that's a tight beat otherwise. there is potential in this...

My fav

This is my fav of all you songs, especially the talking wobble sound.

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

thanks ^.^ maid it my self :D still fills outta place tho .. needs more random noise ! :D

What is dubstep?

lol, just kidding. But I really haven't listened to virtually any dubstep songs. So, if you'll pardon my ignorance, I'll try to touch on the minor stuff. This definitely wants to get me up and dancing. I think the kick could be more powerful in respect to the other instruments. Not the bassy component, the more mid frequency part of the kick could be louder to give it a "sharper" sound. Just a minor adjustment though. That's really all I have to say. Any more, and it'd prove how little I know about dubstep.

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

the kicks are hard to do for dub step cos i needed it more basey thin the huge bass synth i had so it lost a bit of its mids, im not to fond of dub step i base it of a slow hardstyle with lfo leads and more base, second already fixed the kick :D im to lasy to update the song oh and theres 9 kicks so adjusting one part is kinda anoying to
thanks for noticeing that tho :D

Interesting dubstep

Well it starts out innocently enough before blowing out to dubstep. The synth and bass along with the claps and drums sounded pretty nice actually. The tune kind of sounds like it would make an awkward yet nicely done level song anyways. The very light dubstep sounds kind of get you moved over to wanting to hear full blast dub sounds with time.

I can kind of get the feeling of being stuck in a rain storm as the song moves along and you search for a place where you can get out of the rain and relax for a moment anyways. The bass gives a feeling of warmth too. The tune just sounds really well done.

Overall, nice light dubstep piece.

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

i needa make the main dub step part fit better but yea i think it all sounds well balanced since i never use limiters
now to mix dub step with hardcore XD

This sounds fantastic

The Good:

1: I like how this is mixed. It sounds excellent. Everything sounds like its the right levels and stuff.

2. The composure of this is great. I like this whole song, the parts I like is the piano rhythm, then it converts to a synthisized rhythm.

3. The dubstep part! You know when the wah's and stuff starts.

4. You know, I was gonna complain that it was too repetitive. If you had used that rhythm one more time in a row, I was gonna complain. But you didn't. When 2:18 started, It changed that. This change was awesome too.

5. Didn't get boring despite the length! I usually loose interest with song with songs over 3:00 but this time I didn't! I'm impatient ='(

My Problems with this song:

1. I-... Well you know, I don't have any =)


You did fantastic with this song. Keep it up with the expeiments and expand! As far as naming goes...it kinda sounds like "someone left a robot out in the rain" and it's left wandering the street looking for a spot to stay lol. This is the only thing I could come up with.

Keep it up.

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

1 im useing less synths thin normal so rqings easy bass is way higher thin it should be but i love it how it is. dosent sound as nice cos nq drops the bass a bit
2 thanks :D thats how i started this song the paino plays trew 4 or 5 octives XD
3 the main dub step part im gunna add more sounds so it breaks the repeating
4 i plan on knocking on one of the rythem sections i was mainly trying make make this song to club standerds
yea i normaly have that prob but i had a random moment and played with the sounds and got that breakdown sound i need the kicks to sound a bit crisper tho ... hmm name wise that helped a bit !

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