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Hope for Her

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I originally made this beat for a showcase (that ironically I never got to showcase). I tried going for one of those kind of beats that focuses on a specific girl. You know, those kinda songs? Well, I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback!

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Very peaceful

I do know those kinda songs. :) Sounds very calm, maybe even a bit romantic. I was expecting some sort of rap when i saw the genre was hip-hop, just shows how much I know. It sounds like it would work for some kind of nighttime scene in some anime. ...LOL

I really don't have any complaints about this one. I listened through the whole thing and was actually waiting for more of it when it ended. Excellent work.

-M3 of the Review Request Club

I was expecting bass

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the application of bass to this tune would improve it - I'm not entirely sure that it would, but I looked at the genre and thought that Hip-Hop would indicate a much less melodic piece and would have some vocals to it, or something a lot further from what we have here.

I love how you develop this piece, by adding parts to it and taking others away, so that it starts to sound different, but it's like painting a plastic model - change the colours, change the model, but underneath, it's still the same shape plastic.

It's a very mellow sounding piece - something relaxing and serene, that you can enjoy stretching out under a tree in the middle of summer with a drink of your choice and watch the clouds drift by. Perhaps I'll do that later at the cricket? I hope that the girl was worth it and that you got to show her what she means.

If anything was wrong with the serenity and the tune at all, I'd have said the beat just seemed a little faster than it should have been. I could see this slowed down just a tad, because the persistent tapping of the high hat seems to be carrying the tune on at quite a race for something that feels like I should be relaxing.

[Review Request Club]


First impression: Interesting tune with the main synth in the beginning. When the harmonics come in, it's very nice. At 0:50, I noticed the tune had changed. I didn't even notice the shift... Nice work there. Only at 1:36 did it really change though.

Second impression: It's peaceful. I don't see a tune at 1:36 onward though, it's all really harmonics. At 2:25, it goes back to the original theme. At 2:45, I think the single note goes on for a /bit/ too long. The tunes could use some changing at this point...

Third impression: 3:11. I've heard this before! Still mainly harmonics. I kind of skipped through the song at this point before actually listening to it fully, and heard no real changes, so... can't review that much more. lol. The outro is just a fadeout, which I suppose works, but... a tad "meh".

Overall impression: This seems to follow an overall ABABA format, though there could be a bit more variation, so I have less complaints about formatting than I would. I am content with the overall formatting. Now to get more nitpicky. The tunes don't change, and there's not that much to keep me interested past the 2:30 line. This would work for great background music in, say, a game. But not that good as a standalone piece. The mixing is good. What I have to say, is have more tunes, more keys, more changes in rhythm, variances in melody... spice it up a bit and make people listen, don't have them listen simply for the sake of having background music! If you can succeed at having it be background or good for focusing on, then that shows a really good bit of music.

Hope this helps you.

-Review Request Club-

Relaxed subtle

It kind of makes you feel relaxed and happy inside anyways with the bubbly feeling of the beat as it plays. I guess the only thing even missing is lyrics but in my opinion I think these sound a whole lot better as simply instrumentals though. You kind of just want to smile as you hear this piece play and go to your ears too.

The chorus sounds very angelic and soft on the ears here as it goes from low to average a lot. Never getting too high or annoying thankfully as that makes it sound really nice.

The synth sounds very quirky yet cute at the same time strangely which is pretty nice here I think. It gives a feel of happiness but also a feel of being nervous as you talk to that girl for the first time hoping you get it right when you say hi to her.

The bass sounds pretty good here as it gives a good backing beat to help the song move along and sound really neat. The drums sound pretty good here as well as they provide a good beat and tempo for the song to move along.

The breakdown around 4:00 was pretty nice. I heard an ocean breeze as they beat began to work its way back up.

Overall, really nice sounding piece of work I think.

Review Request Club

Somewhat relaxing

Has a nice beat to it and an overall atmospheric and relaxing feel. It does get somewhat repetitive though.

The ambient synths in the back really flesh out the piece and make it deeper and more calming, relaxing, which is somewhat what I believe you were going for. The synths you picked weren't too bad, but the sharper high-pitched synth somewhat ruined that atmospheric feel. The biggest issue with this track for me is the lack of variation. Lack of dynamics. You have some transitions that are pretty good and, a I mentioned, the beat is pretty steady and pushes the track forth.

Outro is good, a very nice finish to a track like this, but it feels like it didn't get to play out completely, like you'd cut off about two seconds. Intro had a nice buildup as well.

Review Request Club

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Aug 3, 2011
3:55 PM EDT
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